Give Your Kids The Perfect Game This Holiday - Josh's World Available Now
November 10, 2005

Parents looking for the perfect gift for children ages 2-9 this holiday season can scratch one more item off the holiday shopping list, as Josh's World for PC (Windows 95/98/XP) is available for immediate purchase. In Josh's World, children are invited to explore a fully 3D digital playland. In this playland, children can fly planes, paint, make music, learn to grow plants and much more. Josh, a lovable African-American boy, serves as a fun and exciting companion throughout the game, offering a helping hand to youngsters as they visit his world. A "Print and Play" feature lets children enjoy aspects of the game even when they are away from the computer. A free trial version can be downloaded from,

Praise for Josh's World:
"When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for people to try to get decent computer games for their children, a decent respect of the
opinions, not only of the kids, but of human kind is to pick up and check out Josh's World." - Bobby Seale, former founding chairman of the Black
Panther Party.

"I would recommend it for schools, for pre-schools especially. I would recommend it for any family who puts emphasis on this kind of learning." - Billy Mitchell, musician and producer

"Josh's World is a fantastic and clever children's computer game that makes it so easy for children to learn. I really like the way that the activities
engage my child into thinking and problem solving. Josh's World is interesting, colorful and amusing." - Nicole Ochoa, Actress

About Microcomputer Resources, Inc.
Founded by Robin Murphy, Chief Executive Officer and Verin G. Lewis, Chief Knowledge Officer, Microcomputer Resources, Inc. (MRI) is an independent
game and electronic media production company. Josh's World, MRI's first entertainment project, is a CD-ROM interactive computer game for children
ages 2-9, For more information regarding Microcomputer Resources, Inc, please contact Verin G. Lewis at (541) 547-5418.
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