Uncovering the Wotnot Book: Official Kameo Site Launches
Microsoft Game Studios, in association with Rare Ltd., announced today the launch of the official Kameo: Elements of Power site, now live at http://www.kameo.com. With a story as detailed as the exclusive Xbox 360 game itself, the new Kameo site is loaded with information and rich imagery. The official site features in-game footage, character bios, downloadable content, and story elements presented in an interactive format. Gamers may check the “Anger Management” section to find out about the “other sides” of Kameo and download Kameo icons and wallpaper, as well as soon being able to subscribe and listen to weekly episodic podcasts.

Renowned game developer Rare introduces Kameo: Elements of Power, in which the ability to morph into unique and incredible warriors allows Kameo to search out and battle ever-present evil. Boasting impeccable next-generation graphics and innovative gameplay, Kameo: Elements of Power shines as a giant leap in game development. Continuing its legacy of creating dynamic puzzles, immersive combat and enormous environments, Rare fuses multiple genres to create a strikingly fun gaming experience destined for widespread appeal. For up-to-date information on Kameo: Elements of Power, visit the official expanded site at http://www.kameo.com.

United Kingdom-based Rare, one of the world’s leading video game developers, was founded in 1985 by Chris and Tim Stamper. Rare has been the mastermind behind some of the most popular video games in history, including such global multimillion sellers as GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark.

Microsoft revolutionized the gaming industry with the November 2001 launch of Xbox (http://www.xbox.com), its first-generation video games and entertainment system, now sold in 26 countries around the world. This holiday season Microsoft debuts its next-generation system, Xbox 360, in Europe, Japan and North America, to be followed by availability in Australia, Colombia, Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan in 2006. Xbox 360 is the most powerful video game and entertainment system, delivering the best games, the next generation of the premier Xbox Live online gaming service, and unique digital entertainment experiences that revolve around you.

Microsoft Game Studios is a leading worldwide publisher and developer of games for the Xbox® video game system, the Windows® operating system and online platforms. Comprising a network of top developers, Microsoft Game Studios is committed to creating innovative and diverse games for Windows (http://www.microsoft.com/games), including such franchises as “Age of Empires®,” “Flight Simulator and Zoo Tycoon®;” Xbox (http://www.xbox.com), including such games as “Fable®” and franchises such as “Halo®,” “Project Gotham Racing®” and “Forza™;” and MSN® Games (http://www.games.msn.com), the official games channel for the MSN network and home to such hits as “Bejeweled” and “Hexic™.”
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