Midway Releases New Screens and Game Descriptions for TouchMaster 2
Company: Midway
Midway today released new screenshots and game descriptions for Touchmaster 2 for the Nintendo DS®, the sequel to Midway's 2007 smash hit Touchmaster. Scheduled to ship to retail stores October 27, Touchmaster 2 features 20 new addictively fun games that are sure to provide hours of fun at home or on the road!

Games are broken into five categories � Card, Action, Strategy, Picture and Puzzle. Here�s a closer look at the Action and Card games:

Action Games:

Bowling � Out of the alley and into the Nintendo DS, use the stylus to line up shots and curve the ball. "Mark it 8, dude."

Beaned � This ultimate dodge ball game involves the cops! Throw the ball at the various targets carefully avoiding the police and other 'no hit' targets.

Catwalk Caper - Grab all the money from the safes and load them on the truck while avoiding the police. Use money bags to knock the police back to the getaway truck. Pick up bonus loot, such as diamonds, gold bars and wads of cash!

Billiards - Play a game of 9 Ball. Use the Stylus to line up your stick behind the cue ball and fire away!

Speed Demon - Race through the streets, avoiding contact with other objects. You'll earn bonus rounds for making good time and avoiding accidents.

Card Games:

Combo 11 - With face cards removed from the deck, you must click two adjacent cards that equal 11. As cards are eliminated, you can press the "Next" button to add available cards to the playfield. If no moves are left, you can use "Jumble" to mix up the cards.

Poker Slide - With 25 random cards dealt on the board, earn points by creating a five card hand on each row, column or diagonal. Keep in mind, though, the greedier you are, the harder it will be to make several good hands on one board.

Carpet - The object of this Solitaire based game is to discard all cards to the foundations where the aces have already been dealt. All cards from "the Carpet" must be moved to the foundations upwards by suit (i.e. 2 over A). Any "holes on the carpet," or gaps left behind by the cards that have been moved to the foundations, are filled by cards from the waste pile.

Triples � Get three of a kind or a straight in the dealt columns. Cards can be moved from column to column and in and out of the three Hold Card areas.

Speed Solitaire - This is a standard Solitaire game, but on caffeine! When the board is dealt, play this game like you would any Solitaire game, and the only way you'll lose is if YOU make the mistake.

About TouchMaster 2
The wide variety of highly interactive mini-games that made Midway's TouchMaster a favorite in bars and arcades across the country returns again with TouchMaster 2 for the Nintendo DS. With 20 new games, including exciting twists on some familiar classics, with new spins on Mahki®, Poker and Solitaire, TouchMaster 2 offers addictive fun for gamers of all ages. TouchMaster 2�s new collection includes extremely fun and exciting card, action, strategy, puzzle and picture games. Play a quick round to beat your high-score or find some real competition playing head-to-head against other players. TouchMaster 2, the personal arcade that fits snug in the palm of your hands!
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