Massive Incorporated Expands Into Another World as Leading Virtual Universe, Project Entropia, Joins the Network
Company: Mindark
LONDON AND GOTHENBURG, Sweden – The creators of the vastly popular multiplayer online game, Project Entropia, and Massive Incorporated have announced plans to bring this top title into the Massive Network, the leading network for dynamic in-game advertising.

Project Entropia, created by MindArk, was launched in 2003 and draws over 385,000 registered users. One of the unique features of this MMORPG is that it supports sales of virtual products that have an actual cash value within its real economy. A space resort within the Project Entropia universe sold for over $100,000, a certified world record. In 2005 the GNP within Project Entropia was $165,000,000 and the expected GNP for 2006 is $350,000,000.

As a result of the partnership with Massive, the colonists of Planet Calypso will be able to see real world advertising within their virtual world of Project Entropia.

"Project Entropia is a large, virtual game universe with a broad, global player base and an innovative economic model," said Nicholas Longano, CMO of Massive. "The addition of MindArk and this unique game to the Massive Network further expands the reach of this new media form and the range of in-game opportunities we can offer advertisers."

"The members of Project Entropia are regular visitors, who spend many hours in their virtual world which is built on real world economic principles. The addition of real world advertising within this virtual economy is a perfect marriage to us. We chose to work with Massive as they have the most experience integrating and delivering advertising that adds to the virtual universe and to the participant's experiences," said Jan Welter, CEO of MindArk.

Massive pioneered dynamic in-game advertising with the launch of the Massive Network in October 2004, and has since partnered with more than 60 blue-chip advertisers to seamlessly deliver ads into more than 50 million game sessions. Massive enables publishers and developers to capture significant new revenues through the aggregation of the video game audience which can be more effectively marketed to advertisers. Developers are able to integrate real-world ad campaigns that are timely and enhance the game environment with more realism.

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