Project Entropia Launches First in-Game Interactive Online Advertising and Event Hosting System
Company: Mindark
(Gothenburg, SWEDEN) – Project Entropia, the fastest growing virtual world utilizing a real cash economy, today announces the first interactive online advertising and event hosting platform built within a virtual gaming community or MMORPG. A recently announced partnership with Massive Incorporated, a leading network for dynamic video game and digital media advertising, allows MindArk, Project Entropia game developer, to now offer virtual and real world businesses access to a massively growing online gaming market through its innovative in-game ad program. Project Entropia’s Version Update (VU8.2) includes various player tools for developing a variety of interactive online advertising campaigns and live content, including the creation and hosting of assorted events such as contests, conferences, shows and more.

Project Entropia is leading the next generation of online entertainment which has quickly evolved into a virtual world rather than a standard online video game. The in-game advertising platform allows Project Entropia users and real world outside marketers to launch and integrate new ad campaigns within the system, but also enhances the gaming experience with realistic features.

In addition to the various ad functionalities, Project Entropia has created an event development and hosting system for players. This system will handle community-launched events including bookings and ticket sales, prizes and voting based contests, competitions such as fashion shows, and more. A participant will have the opportunity to manage events in several locations on Planet Calypso, including the great outdoors, bars, stages and showrooms. The flexible system allows for participants to create or simply enjoy an array of ongoing events and activities. This new wave of interactive entertainment gives users the opportunity to interact in a world of three-dimensional virtual environments.

“In recent years, growth of virtual economies and online gaming communities has created a demand for real world marketing and business solutions,” says Marco Behrmann, MindArk Director of Community Relations. “As traditional venues for advertisements become obsolete, individuals and businesses are turning to online ad solutions such as search engine marketing and other forms of interactive mediums. With Project Entropia utilizing a real cash economy and creating a virtual environment that mirrors the real world, the next logical step is to offer members the tools necessary to advertise businesses and endeavors for maximum exposure and growth.”

Project Entropia is the only virtual gaming community that actively supports sales of virtual products with actual cash value within its real economy system. The economy offers the user a secure and safe way to make purchases, sales and exchange real life currency into PED (Project Entropia Dollars) and back again into real money, at a fixed exchange rate to the US Dollar. PED allows members to invest in personal development and growth through the acquisition of goods, buildings, and land in the virtual universe. In 2005, the Project Entropia turnover was an estimated $165,000,000 US Dollar.

Last year, Project Entropia set a world record, certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, when it sold a virtual Treasure Island for $26,500 USD as the largest virtual dollar amount spent, to 22-year old Australian David Storey, a.k.a. "Deathifier". The recent sale of the Space Resort for $100,000 USD to famed gamer, Jon ‘Neverdie’ Jacobs, sets a new record for the most valuable virtual item.

The heart of Project Entropia lies in a distant planet named Calypso, encompassing two continents with large expanding cities that offer a variety of entertainment and social interaction for its citizens. Members of Entropia can create their own persona (avatar) via a character generation system, then having the option of choosing a suitable life and virtual existence for their avatar. Characters are able to enter the evolving world full of unexplored and uncultivated lands where can join a community or even create a civilization of their own. Project Entropia offers a new way for individuals to pursue dreams and fantasies through an adventurous virtual experience.

About Project Entropia and MindArk
Project Entropia is a registered trademark of MindArk PE AB. MindArk supports and monitors the services and maintenance of the Project Entropia site. MindArk began in April of 2003 in Sweden, and has expanded to have partners throughout the world. Project Entropia was launched in 2003 and has reached 400,000 registered accounts. MindArk offers the Project Entropia software to users free of charge with no monthly costs or associated subscription fees. For more information or to download the free Project Entropia software please visit
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