Mindscape Delighted to announce Release of Brand New Pc Game Pop Life
Company: Mindscape
Mindscape, one of the UK's leading software publishers and distributors is pleased to announce the release of Pop Life, a brand new simulation/role-play game for the PC. Pop Life, which is published by experienced French publishers Monte Cristo, is due to be released on the 25th February 2005 with a suggested selling price of £24.99.

Pop Life will appeal to fans of life simulation games, as well as fans of pop and reality television shows. The player must design and then lead their chosen character to superstar status: manage his or her life, make the best career choices and create the exciting live shows in spectacular settings. Characters are managed by building their skills in three categories: singing, dancing and stage effects. This can be achieved by rehearsing, taking lessons with specialist teachers and interacting with other characters and objects. Ultimately players will set up a live performance, choosing the dance moves, clothing and style of their character and his or her dancers.

Players must take their character through six exciting levels (9 missions) to stardom. They discover the keys to success by choosing their wardrobe and creating a style, practising as hard as possible and taking care of other members of the band. Stars need to work hard and gain experience by setting up their social network, using the best equipment and progressing through TV shows, photo shoots and their first hit single.

Finally players must put together their star's show. They must create breathtaking choreographies, and are able to use hit singles from Vanessa Charlton, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Kym Marsh, Rick Guard, V, Triple 8, Dax Riders and Emma Daumas for their performances. Concerts can be performed on a wide variety of stages including music festivals, charity shows, hip clubs...

Key Features:

Building and decoration elements

Characters have emotional states that determine how they react to your actions

Player Character Progression - the star has 3 types of talents: music, dance and drama which can be increased by practising with objects , teachers and most importantly 'gifted teachers'

Player Character Customisation - ability to change characters' clothes and accessories to create a particular style

Set up the concert, choosing effects, dance movements, dancers, style, and then preview in real-time on stage

Pop Life is due to be released in the UK on the 25th February 2005 for PC CD-Rom, with a suggested selling price of £24.99.

About Mindscape
Mindscape, previously known as The Learning Company, publishes and distributes educational and entertainment software around the world. Mindscape is one of the longest established software publishers in the market with well-known international brands and first class licences. All Mindscape CD-Roms are available from www.mindscape.co.uk

About Monte Cristo
Monte Cristo, founded nine years ago, has become a respected player in the sector of management and strategy games. Medieval Lords, D-Day, Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps, Emergency Fire Response, Platoon, The Partners, Airline Tycoon, Wall Street Trader, Start-Up, Economic War and Casino Tycoon have contributed to Monte Cristo's expertise. Monte Cristo is now focusing its production and design resources towards life simulation, builders and tactical management with the intention of reaching a larger international audience.
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