New studio offers hope to homeless superheroes
Missing Worlds Media, a new studio created by independent game designers, writers, and programmers, is offering a lifeline for the vibrant community left adrift by the shock closure of the award-winning City of Heroes® game.

On January 1st, they released their first promotional video for The Phoenix Project, an effort to give a homeless player base consisting of tens of thousands of online superheroes and villains new hope and inspiration.

Cameron Johnson, creative director of The Phoenix Project said: “We are proud to formally announce the inception of the Phoenix Project with a brand new promotional video showcasing a virtual gallery of concept art for a new, comic-themed MMORPG. The video showcases some art assets and the capability to build a virtual world and film within it, and I hope it gives some idea about what we’re trying to achieve with the characters and the world they will populate.”

The game will be set in Titan City, a world where magic, high technology, and incredible scientific feats are frequent occurrences. Where children are born with appearances and powers far different than their parents, and individuals with supreme strength of will and training can become forces of good...or evil.

In a city where costumed heroes are welcomed and villains skulk in the shadows, an old guard stands watch on both sides, watching the furnace which heats the melting pot of humanity.

They have issued a call to action, the Phoenix Initiative, welcoming new heroes to their ranks. Thanks to Missing Worlds Media, a new generation of heroes will be given the chance to reach for capes and cowls in the name of justice, freedom and courage, while new villains will once reach for masks and armour as they begin quests for power, control, riches and infamy.

The Phoenix Project aims to provide a home for heroes and villains left homeless by the closure of a virtual universe very dear to them, and will provide services centered around the needs of that community, focussing on the elements that made the City of Heroes® franchise such a family-friendly and positive place to spend time.

In September, Tony Vazquez of The Titan Network, and founder of the Save City of Heroes campaign said: "There comes a time in every hero's life when there is nothing left they can do to stop a tragedy from occurring. After that moment a hero has to choose whether to hang up the cape or pull themselves back up and into the fight."

Missing Worlds Media has decided to get back into the fight the only way we know how - by making a new world in need of virtual heroes to protect it. This new world, the Phoenix Project, will be created in CryENGINE 3 – the game engine behind Crysis 2® and Far Cry 3® - an engine more than capable of supporting a world filled to the brim with the hopes, dreams, and visions of the online gaming community.

The newly released video can be found at:
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