Kickstarter for spiritual successor to City of Hero launches
October 2nd, 2013. Missing Worlds Media launches Kickstarter campaign for City of Titans (formerly known as The Phoenix Project).

Heroes, vigilantes and villains left homeless by the closure of City of Heroesョ launch fundraiser to develop a new superhero MMO.

A virtual studio of volunteer developers have launched a Kickstarter to help create a ‘spiritual successor’ to the MMO they loved and lost. The Kickstarter launched at 12:01am Eastern time today (Wednesday October 2nd) and over $30,000 had been pledged within the first three hours.

We are also hosting a Livestream event to mark the launch of the Kickstarter at 8pm Eastern on Friday, October 4, at Those taking part in the event can watch one of our talented artists at work, and a number of our developers and key staff will be on hand to chat with the community.

The developers of the game are all volunteers, scattered across the globe, who are working to  produce the game for the love of a community that was displaced when City of Heroesョ was closed.

The concept is already proving popular online, with the team having well over 3,000 Facebook friends and over 700 Twitter followers all pledging their support to City of Titans, which had a working title of The Phoenix Project.

The game will be set in Titan City, a place where magic, high technology wonders, and incredible scientific feats are frequent occurrences. It will take place in a universe where children are born with strange appearances and powers and individuals with extraordinary abilities, strength of will and training can become forces of good - or evil.

Set in a rich, immersive world, with an extensively detailed character creator, intuitive controls and a wide range of powers and abilities to choose from, City of Titans seeks to offer a new home for a community of super-powered characters, comic book enthusiasts, and anyone who values a great personal story.

The funding campaign is now ready, with the team of looking to raise a minimum of $320,000  to fund a new world where heroes, villains and vigilantes can once again fly free.

The money raised will be used to buy essential equipment and software to allow them to take the game from a concept to reality.

Sara Quinn, president at Missing Worlds Media said: “Raising the funds through Kickstarter means we’ll be funded by the people who have supported us since the closure of City of Heroesョ was announced. We want to carry forward as an homage to the game we loved, and to make sure our community play an important role in the final project.

"We feel that the community itself is a valuable entity, and should be respected throughout the lifetime of the game, not treated as simply a source of income until the profits drop below an arbitrary level and then discarded.

“Our community have shown huge desire, excitement and support for the game we're working on, and they have played a massive part in what we’re trying to create. Every step of the way we’ve been asking for their help, their ideas, and their input, so we’re thrilled to be in a position where we can launch a Kickstarter which can help make their - and our - dreams a reality.

“To raise so much money in such a short space of time was beyond anything we could have expected. I am absolutely in awe of our community.  You guys rock.”

City of Titans will be made using the award-winning Unreal3 engine - used in games including Bioshock Infinite and the Borderlands and Mass Effect series.

Technical Director Nate Downes said: “We chose the Unreal Engine after a long and exhaustive comparison of engines, and it's more than capable of handling vast character customization, and for handling customized content that makes you, and your characters the center of the story.

Unreal 3 is a beautiful engine and perfect for bringing our world to life.”

In return for their pledge, Kickstarter backers will receive a wide range of reward items, including the chance to name an NPC, signed pieces of artwork and even statues to their characters in game.

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About Missing Worlds Media:

The Phoenix Project - the idea of a spiritual successor to City of Heroes - began in September after the closure of City of Heroes was announced by NCSoft. On January 1, 2013 Missing Worlds Media announced their first video and setting description, alongside a new website where they will keep players and comic book fans up to date with the game’s development progress.

Missing Worlds Media looks forward to a long and cooperative relationship with all of our friends in the great community formed by City of Heroes ョ players. We want to invite people to join us on City of Titans, building a community-focused world that captures the spirit of generosity, helpfulness, and heroism.

We welcome visitors to our forums at can be found on our Facebook page,, our Twitter feed, @MWorldsMedia, and our YouTube channel,