MonkeyPaw Games Announce J-RPG Class of Heroes 2 Now Available on PlayStation®Network For PSP® and PlayStation®Vita
Hokkaido, Japan – June 4th, 2013 - MonkeyPaw Games, Inc. in partnership with GAIJINWORKS, LLC today announced that import sequel J-RPG Class of Heroes 2 is now available for download on the PlayStation®Network store for $24.99. The newly localized digital release, playable on the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system and PlayStation®Vita system via PlayStation®Network, was originally developed by ZeroDiv of Japan, renowned for their expertise in creating dungeon crawlers, and published by Acquire Corp. This enhanced portable version is the first time the game has been fully translated and boasts significant gameplay tweaks over the original Japanese release.

Class of Heroes 2 will feature numerous hours of strategic gameplay making the fine-tuned J-RPG a deep experience with rich replay value. The portable title will also please fans of dungeon crawlers with plenty of addicting J-RPG content:

● 96 challenging quests
● 125+ dungeon maps
● 10 Races
● 18 unique classes
● Hundreds of equipment and skill combinations for beefing up soon-to-be hero students

The enhanced portable version of Class of Heroes 2 is a charming take on the Wizardry-style dungeon crawl games, but with a twist – all the party members are drawn from a pool of newly enrolled students at a Sword and Sorcery School. The game features 18 unique classes to choose from including: Fighter, Swordsman, Ranger, Monk, Ninja, Sorcerer, Puppeteer, Idol, and even a mystery class. Once a team is created, quests are offered and the party can choose their adventure path, unlocking ever more distant and dangerous areas to conquer as they grow in power and confidence. Monster parties can be more than one level deep in a single combat episode, leading to epic encounters of up to 12 or more monsters at a time, where managing a party’s ranged and melee skills can be the difference between victorious life and an ignominious death. No dungeon crawler would be complete without an occasional boss, and Class of Heroes 2 doesn’t disappoint here, either, with nail-biting super-encounters littered on the path between your party and ultimate victory.

“Our mission is to continue bringing both Japanese import and classic titles to gamers around the world who deserve games they never thought they’d ever get a chance to play,” said Ray Almeda, Marketing & PR Manager at MonkeyPaw Games. “Class of Heroes 2 is one of those J-RPGs that deserves to be played by more gamers around the world, its own hardcore fans and dungeon crawler aficionados alike. With continued fan support, we’ll be able to keep making these unique gameplay experiences possible.”

“Fans that are looking for a dungeon crawler with a more engaging story arc than usual and characters they won’t want to say goodbye to at the end will really be in for a treat with Class of Heroes 2,” said Victor Ireland, GAIJINWORKS President.

The new launch trailer of Class of Heroes 2 can be found here:

New gameplay screenshots can also be downloaded above. More details on Class of Heroes 2 are also available at and , while fans can find maps and tips for the entire game at

More Classics From MonkeyPaw Games
MonkeyPaw Games continues to bring you more classic and import games to North American and European digital markets. Fans of import games are encouraged to voice their suggestions on our social networks for their most-wanted retro or import titles.

Previously released titles courtesy of MonkeyPaw Games include the action-RPG classic Alundra and the re-invented BurgerTime World Tour. Alundra is one of the greatest action-RPGs with pulse-thumping gameplay and memorable animated presentation. The classic title is available exclusively in the PSone® Classics section. BurgerTime World Tour is a re-envisioning of the vintage arcade game with multiplayer modes, enhanced power-ups and online play. These import games are available now on the PlayStation®Network at the affordable price of $5.99 and $9.99 each, respectively.

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