Steam's Greenlight Gets Zombified!
Santiago de Compostela (Spain) - 12th October 2012 - Moonbite, the European studio of games and animation based in Spain, has gladly launched its first-person-survival-horror-comedy-shooter Zombeer, Zombies & Beers® on Steam's Greenlight. In celebration of the occasion, Moonbite today unveils a brand new video featuring the cruel effects of zombification in Zombeer's gameplay!

On Greenlight, the PC player community has the opportunity to take part in the adventure and make the game happen on the Steam platform! Positive votes will push the game up in the Greenlight ranking. After voting, you can also participate by simply adding your name on Zombeer Website, and be included in the credits of the game plus appearing in a secret room hidden in the game itself! Let's make it the biggest credits list in History!!!

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This second gameplay video features new (and ugly) villains, the nailer weapon, and above all the famous zombification process that can only be controlled by the consumption of. zomBeer of course! Drinking will prevent the virus from awakening the zombie inside you, but like in real life you will need to drink in moderation or risk losing control for another bad reason! The other way around, not drinking at all, will actually turn you into a zombie which is both good and bad news as you will probably discover soon enough.
Zombeer, Zombies & Beers® is planned to be released on consoles, PC and Mac later this year.

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About Moonbite Games:
Moonbite Games & Animation is an European company. The headquarters are located in Santiago de Compostela and there are also branches in Madrid and Barcelona.
Moonbite's team has double experience producing multiplatform videogames (Playstation3, Wii, Xbox360, iPad/iPhone, PC, Mac, etc.), and 3D animation for feature films.
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