Bewitching, IGF Finalist arrives on Steam
Company: Mousechief
SAN FRANCISCO - April 3, 2014 - Mousechief Co. announces the availability of The Witch’s Yarn on Steam. Originally released in 2005, The Witch’s Yarn was one of the first visual novels to feature a western aesthetic. The game was nominated as an Independent Game Festival (IGF) finalist for its innovative control system. 9 years later, it remains fresh and beautiful among all the other 2D story games.
Mousechief went on to create other critically acclaimed titles: Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! and 7 Grand Steps. Now, The Witch’s Yarn will join those Steam titles with its sophisticated story, puzzles well integrated with narrative, and quality prose.

The Witch's Yarn is an 8 hour, family friendly, interactive tale about a witch who foreswore magic for the love a mortal, now passed away. Urged by her family to resume her natural talents, she instead opens a little shop, spinning and selling yarn, intent on a quiet life. Unfortunately, the crazy world of small business will spin her, until Wednesday reclaims her personal power.

The game is controlled by simply clicking on people or items. Players act as a director, cueing a focus for each scene of the story. Additionally, they can rewind every decision, every cue, stepwise, allowing quick exploration of different narrative choices.

The creator, Keith Nemitz, has said, “I worked for three years writing, and inventing puzzles that merged logically with the story. I am particularly proud of the social and character oriented puzzles. They were a new way to learn about characters or about relationships between them.

“I am especially grateful to Aneurin Wright, a fantastic comic artist who visualized the dozens of strange and wonderful characters inhabiting the world of Wednesday the Witch.”

The Witch's Yarn is a real treat if you love the written word and charming illustrations. It’s a delightful game for people to play together (and make up funny voices). It will be available on Steam, April 3, 2014.


About Mousechief
Mousechief, since 2003, has been an independent developer of sophisticated, casual games with meaningful stories. Our previous, critically-acclaimed titles: 7 Grand Steps, Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!, and The Witch’s Yarn have garnered critical praise and awards from: IGF, IndieCade, IndiePrize, and even the Writer's Guild of America.