MumboJumbo introduces LUXOR: Quest for the Afterlife™ for PC
Company: Mumbo Jumbo
DALLAS (November 6, 2008) – MumboJumbo, leading developer and publisher of casual games, has unveiled LUXOR: Quest for the Afterlife™ for the PC. This is the fourth installment in the popular marble-shooter franchise, which launched in 2005 and received recognition as the “casual game of the year.” The game, which is available now at, will retail for $19.99 at retailers and leading game portals beginning Nov. 11.

LUXOR: Quest for the Afterlife features 100 levels and a brand new battle mode for fans of the action-puzzle game to enjoy. For the first time in the franchise, players will venture out of Egypt to unravel the shroud of mystery surrounding the great Queen Nefertiti and track the thieves who have stolen one of her sacred artifacts along the Silk Road.

“In Quest for the Afterlife, we’ve taken LUXOR to a whole new level,” said Mark Cottam, CEO of MumboJumbo. “For the first time, players will get to choose their own paths and leave Egypt. Fans of LUXOR will find that we’ve really enhanced the entire experience—there are brilliantly rendered backgrounds, new game modes and a really incredible story that unfolds in the game.”

In LUXOR: Quest for the Afterlife, players wield a mystical scarab shooter to propel marbles and make color matches of three or more to try and eliminate the chain of advancing spheres. When the player matches certain spheres, power-ups and treasures drop down that the players must catch with the shooter. Players will follow the Silk Road to chase thieves and collect artifacts along the way, which will help them solve the mystery of Queen Nefertiti.

This is the much-anticipated follow-up to LUXOR 3, a game that was downloaded more than 2.5 million times when it was launched last year and still ranks among the top marble shooter games at popular online game portals. LUXOR: Quest for the Afterlife is rated E for Everyone with a descriptor for Violent References.

In this episode, there are a number of new features that will be debuted, including:

° New Battle mode: This all-new tug-of-war mode pits players against the thieves. If a player is able to make matches faster than the opposing thief, then a scarab pusher is added to his or her side of the train of marbles, which can push the thief’s treasure into his or her possession

New levels: 100 levels in Adventure mode, featuring all-new vibrant, widescreen-supported backgrounds and more than 20 new puzzle levels
° New achievement badges: Players can collect 12 achievement badges for milestones reached during the game
° New artifacts to collect and assemble to enhance game play: In Adventure Mode, there are seven artifacts to recover along the Silk Road, and players must collect the pieces and assemble them to positively impact the game play. The artifacts include:
Eye of Horus – Allows players to search the map for other pieces of artifacts to assemble
Sphinx – Unlocks puzzle mode
Scarab – Adds the Golden Scarabs to levels, which players can shoot for bonus coins to spend on upgrading their power-ups
Statue of Horus – Upgrades the shooter, making it easier to find artifacts
Cow of Hathor – Makes every treasure a player catches worth additional bonus points
Chariot – Allows a player to instantly travel to any city visited to collect artifact pieces and catch the thieves
Sun Discs of Aten – Each of the three discs will expose a Wandering Prophet of Amun (the key conspirators in the thievery of Nefertiti’s treasure). Players can chase down the thief to battle him for a very important artifact, one of the four Canopic Jars.
° New player-determined game play: Players can choose which path to take out of Egypt
° New mysterious story with narration: In an all-new story of mystery and betrayal along the Silk Road, players are guided in their search for the thieves by the voice of the Spirit of Queen Nefertiti
° New ball sets: Three all-new unlockable ball sets
° All-new soundtrack

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