Samantha Swift 3 for PC Launches Online Today
Company: Mumbo Jumbo
DALLAS (December 16, 2009) – MumboJumbo, leading developer and publisher of casual games, today launched Samantha Swift and the Mystery from Atlantis, the third installment in the hidden-object adventure series.

“In the third chapter of Samantha Swift, we explore the Mecca of archaeological lore, Atlantis,” said Matt Lichtenwalter, vice president of product development of MumboJumbo. “We join Sam as she’s on the hunt for pieces of a sacred musical device that she needs to thwart the plans of the super villain.”

In Samantha Swift and the Mystery from Atlantis, Samantha’s faced with an all-new villain who has hatched a mind-control scheme that she is desperately trying to prevent. Sam’s quest takes her across the globe looking for pieces of a mystical Atlantean treasure. The third chapter in the saga takes players to new locations, introduces new characters, and revisits some of Samantha’s closest allies and the Museum of Secrets Lost.

“We’re excited to take fans of the franchise on the third Samantha Swift expedition,” said Lichtenwalter. “The Mystery from Atlantis will have all of the elements that our fans have come to know and love—great hidden object gameplay, adventure and story elements that keep them intrigued and clever puzzles throughout. But, we’ve really stepped it up in this installment by adding fun additional challenges for the seasoned hidden object game player.”

This installment of Samantha Swift offers players a few new challenges with two game play modes, Adventurer and Expert Adventurer. Players can choose if they want to play in a relaxed setting (Adventurer), or a more challenging, timed and scored gameplay mode (Expert Adventurer). This chapter also includes a collectibles element: players can collect hidden Swift Birds throughout the game to unlock an Unlimited Hidden Object game mode. The new Expert Adventurer mode also features a point system that introduces an additional challenge for seasoned players, awarding bonuses for speed and accuracy.

Samantha Swift and the Mystery from Atlantis is available for digital download at leading casual gaming portals, and it will make its retail debut during the first quarter of 2010. To learn more about Samantha Swift, you can find her on Facebook, or go to

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