MUSE GAMES releases A WORLD FULL OF FLUORESCENT beauty in their puzzle platformer, creavures
Company: Muse Games
New York, NY –– February 24, 2011 – Muse Games Corp. is proud to announce their newest title, CreaVures, a beautifully bioluminescent platforming adventure, is out now on Steam and the Mac App Store. Muse Games Corp. is also pleased to announce that an iPhone® and iPad® version are in the works and will be available later this spring. In celebration of all things CreaVures, early adopters will be rewarded with 10% off the normal price of $9.99.

In CreaVures, players will take control of five distinct mythical creatures of miniature proportions. Each of them has a unique innate ability that can be used alone or in tandem to help them solve mysterious platforming puzzles. Set in a world illuminated with beautiful fluorescents colors, CreaVures follows the tiny creatures as they journey to save their homeland by gathering essence to restore light to their dying forest. The Creavures have a long journey ahead of them as their adventure spans seventeen different levels, two of which are boss fights. Something new and astonishing is always right around the corner as their expedition takes them across five distinct environments throughout the forest. With such a monumental task ahead of them, the Creavures need all the help they can get. Are you willing to heed the call for help?

“At Muse Games, we strive to make some of the most unique and engrossing indie games players have ever seen” said Conrad Kreyling, CreaVure’s project lead. “With CreaVures, we took an unforgettable ambiance and combined it with a masterly crafted puzzle platformer that will be sure to keep players engrossed for hours.”

CreaVures is developed and published by Muse Games Corp. and is available now on Steam and the Mac App Store. For the first week, CreaVures will be 10% off the normal price of $9.99. CreaVures will also be available for the iPhone and iPad via the App Store later this spring. For more information, visit, follow on Twitter - @MuseGames, or on facebook – Muse Games.

About Muse Games Corp.
Muse Games is an independent developer dedicated to the creation of next-generation 3D multiplayer games for their revolutionary browser-based platform. features a growing selection of games to satiate players around the world and provide instantaneous, high quality gameplay experiences. In addition to game creation, the vibrant Muse Games community opens the lines of communication for publishers, developers and players in order to further grow a curated set of exciting indie titles.
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