Mythic Releases Dark Age of Camelot Guild Improvements Patch
FAIRFAX, VA – June 23, 2005 - Mythic Entertainment, developer and publisher of massively-multiplayer online games including "Dark Age of Camelot,"
"Imperator" and the recently announced "Warhammer" MMO, today released a guild improvements patch for "Dark Age of Camelot." The game’s latest update introduces a comprehensive new guild management system, and two features unique in the MMO genre – a guild dues system and guild banners and trophies.

Summary of "Dark Age of Camelot" Guild Improvements
* Brand-new guild and Realm interface for the announcement of events and news
* Guild merit and leveling system
* Comprehensive guild mission system: encourages guild cohesiveness and Realm participation
* Unique guild dues system: allows guild leaders to collect a small tax from members for guild uses - house rent and decorations, Realm War costs, crafting supplies, etc.
* Guild banner and trophy system: allows guilds to carry a large overhead banner into battle that not only displays a guild's unique emblem, but also
provides special enhancing abilities to its carrier, the carrier’s guild, and the carrier's group. Banners can be captured on the battlefield by enemies and
placed in their homes as trophies.

"'Dark Age of Camelot' has an incredibly strong guild system, and these improvements will make for an even richer and more cohesive experience,” said Jeff Hickman, executive producer for "Dark Age of Camelot." "Players will love charging into battle flying their guild’s banner, and the new mission system will make getting into the action easier than ever."

The newest version of "Dark Age of Camelot" also incorporates many other enhancements, including artifact durability repair - a basic crafting skill
designed to introduce the new player to "Dark Age of Camelot's" unique crafting system, new Realm vs. Realm title additions and a single line "respec"
system, which allows players to purchase respecializations of their character's skills.

For full patch details, please visit the Camelot Herald at
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