Phoenicas: Classic Plot of 2D Shooter Takes New Emotional Twist!
Athens, Greece - April 10, 2006: Mytaras today announces the release of Phoenicas, a new challenging 2d shooter, providing a breath of fresh air for the action shooter junkie. You are plunged into space war turmoil, where quick reactions and peace of mind are essential for survival. A special task is entrusted to you: you are to lead a convoy consisting of 6 spacecrafts. Your spaceship is the only firing vessel, and needs to stand in the gap for the other five. These five human spacecrafts are easy prey to various monsters, which inhabit the vast expanses of the universe. Your enemies are going to make numerous attempts to destroy you and kidnap your accompanying vessels.

Smash your enemies and save those, whose life is in your hands! Upgradeable weapons (stream fire, heatseekers, followers, etc.) and powerups are at your service! The score oriented gameplay enables you to apply various techniques to reach the highest score: combos, fastkills, selective shooting and accuracy, as well as defending and rescuing humans from the claws of your enemies. Unique in Phoenicas is a 2 player mode, where the second player using the mouse can put credits won by the first player into action. Another tidbit for a shooter is an expert control mode. Having this option switched on, the player can tilt the space interceptor to aim. When in hands of a shooter expert, this option becomes a truly ferocious weapon.

Intense and original tunes, which accompany each level, have been composed to express the choreography of the battle. Meticulously crafted graphics and special effects not only show the whole battle field in details, but also intensify your complete feeling of dynamics and realism. One more merit of Phoenicas is its level system, which in fact is a nintendo-type unlocking system of modes. If you are a newcomer, you can use the easy mode. Experienced shooters can go right to the normal mode. In easy mode you can progress up to part 2 only. If you want to go further, you need to play the normal mode. You will have to face the full onslaught of the normal mode to reach part 3 and unlock the ultra mode. This mode is a really tough nut to crack, since it spans over 100 waves of attacks. When the main mode is over, a marathon mode becomes available, which cycles and gets more sophisticated with each passing minute.

Phoenicas Benefits at a Glance:
- Rapid dynamics of 2d shooter gameplay;
- Upgradeable and special weapons;
- Expert control mode - player can rotate a spacecraft to aim;
- Unlockable game modes, over 100 fierce attack waves await in ultra mode;
- Online world rankings and grand masters tables, plus 27 local highscore tables;
- Unique cooperative two player mode with strategy elements;
- Full tutorial;
- Original "vertical-defender" old-school gameplay;
- Unique and original music soundtracks;
- Alien graphics designed by a famous Greek artist Dimitris Mytaras.
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