Naked Sky Entertainment Demonstrates RoboHordes
San Francisco, CA, March 10, 2005 - Naked Sky Entertainment (NSE), an independent Los Angeles based next generation video game development house, began demonstrating RoboHordes today at the Game Developer Conference (GDC).

Commissioned by Intel to showcase the power of Intel's dual-core processor, the RoboHordes demo not only utilizes advanced robot simulation technology and control theory from modern robot design, but is also the first game to use Unreal Engine 3 at a playable frame rate.

In RoboHordes, the player battles waves of robots in a fast-paced, arcade-style setting, all without a single frame of hand animation. "RoboHordes uses a custom designed multi-threaded physics engine to continually simulate the physics at 200 fps no matter the graphics fps. This keeps the action feeling smooth even at low frame rates," commented Joshua Glazer, NSE's CTO.

"Intel's dual-core processor, the Intel® Pentium® Processor Extreme Edition, is an impressive piece of technology, which will advance the frontiers of gaming," said NSE's CEO, Tian Mu. "I'm very proud of my team," Mu added. "We successfully pulled off the eight-week deadline."

"The Naked Sky team is extremely talented and dedicated," says Tasos Kaiafas, Gaming Strategic Planner for Intel's Digital Home Group. "RoboHordes is certainly an impressive project demonstrating the advantages of multiple CPU cores and threads. It was definitely a successful dual-core processor demo at the Spring Intel Developer Forum and the Game Developer Conference this year."

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