Rule the Streets With Urban Reign
Company: Namco
Gang warfare comes to the streets early 2006 with the announcement from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) of the upcoming release of Urban ReignTM exclusively on PlayStation®2.

Straight from the studios of Namco, the home of blockbusting fighting franchises SOULCALIBURTM and TEKKENTM comes the definitive 3D action fighting game, Urban Reign. Hired by one of the gangs as their hard man, your job is simple - protect their leader in a war that rages from the scummiest streets to the corruption tainted higher echelons of city government. This is a battle that you know - no referees, no rules and no such thing such as a clean fight.

With 100 missions on offer, a computer controlled partner allowing you to deliver devastating combo manoeuvres against an onslaught of enemies, over 30 weapons with which to kill, maim, injure and disfigure from shovels to pipes, bats and broken bottles and a choice of fighting techniques from bar room brawl to kung fu - this is one white knuckle beat 'em up that will satisfy the most street tough of players.

A feature packed game with more than 60 playable characters including hidden special guests: Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law from the TEKKEN series. Urban Reign also offers a variety of gameplay modes: Free mode allows players the chance to unlock new characters while exploring new fighting styles; Challenge mode tests a player's skills alongside a friend or with an AI partner against wave after wave of enemies; and Multiplayer mode enables a player to fight along or against friends in four-player head-to-head brawls.


extensive urban battlegrounds from streets and back alleys to bars, and a serious soundtrack

insane multiplayer mayhem with up to 4 players where the only option is to survive

100 missions to satisfy the most battle-hardened players

60 different characters, different fighting styles, plus hidden guest characters

devastating combo manoeuvres where you work together to trash your opponent

delivering real pain with extensive weapons selection from bottles to shovels, pipes to bats, knives to fists

Exclusive to PlayStation®2

Don't die on the street, take control of the hood. Urban Reign, released early 2006.
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