Gravity-Defying 3D Puzzle Game, Attractio, Now Available in the Americas for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Steam for PC
Santa Clara, CA., (JANUARY 19, 2015) — BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc., a leading interactive entertainment publisher and developer, has just released Attractio, the gravity and physics-bending 3D puzzle game from Mexico based indie developer, GameCoder Studios. Attractio features non-linear puzzle solving, three unique playable characters each with their own unique story line, and is available now in the Americas for the PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system, PlayStation® Vita hand-held system and STEAM® for PC.

In Attractio, players use futuristic technology like Gravity Boots and a Gravity Gun to interact with and manipulate the gravitational pull of objects to solve a wide range of challenging puzzles, which can be solved in variety of creative ways. Taking control of three characters, each with their own unique styles and back story, players must make their way through a series of deadly challenges and puzzles as part of an elaborate reality show set in the year 3275. Players will encounter some devious puzzles that can only be solved by only one of the characters, requiring gamers to strategically switch among characters for an experience that challenges their creative and spatial puzzle-solving abilities.

“With Attractio, gamers will find a truly original puzzle game experience that will literally turn their world upside down,” said Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America, Inc. “Utilizing their brains, intuition and creativity, players will have hours and hours of challenging fun, striving to pass each unique level in the game.”

Attractio is rated “T for Teen” by the ESRB. The game is available in digital form now in the Americas for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and PlayStation Vita hand-held system through the PlayStation Network, and for PCs through STEAM at the MSRP of $19.99. For more information about Attractio or other games from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc., please visit; , or join the conversation on our Facebook page at or follow us on Twitter at .


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