Get Ready for Garfield's Wild Ride on Smartphones and Tablets
April 11, 2013

Taking a break from sleeping, eating lasagna and clawing the curtains, NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe today announced Garfield’s Wild Ride, the madcap side-scrolling runner coming to smartphones and tablets this spring.

With so much time spent sleeping it’s no surprise that Garfield dreams. A lot. And when he does, his normal lasagna-stuffed physical form is left in the dust by fantasy flying Garfield. Yes! In his dreams Garfield can fly! Who knew? The lazy cat’s aerial-inclined imagination unlocks a wild game world of cat acrobatics, pasta-themed pickups and nutty bonuses, perfect for any feline fun-fancying player.

With simple single-finger gameplay to take to the air, players navigate Garfield through an ever more perilous series of hazards to complete 45 different missions across 5 wildly varied game worlds. The numerous bonus pickups include riding a giant Odie or strapping on elbow pads for a spot of skateboarding, with the option to purchase coins for extra in-game items. Players can dress up Garfield in all kinds of crazy costumes – including more available to buy in-game – from a spacesuit to a festive Santa outfit. Garfield may not be as tall as Santa, but he’s sure got the girth.

Co-published by NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe and Anuman Interactive (under Microïds – Games for All label), Garfield’s Wild Ride is coming to Europe this spring 2013 for smartphones and tablets.
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