Namco Bandai Partners to distribute all new MONSTER HIGH™ RACING VIDEO GAME by Mattel and Little Orbit
NAMCO BANDAI Partners S.A.S. announced that they entered into a partnership agreement with Mattel and Little Orbit for the distribution of the brand new video game Monster HighTM Skultimate Roller Maze™ in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The scary cool characters of Monster HighTM are racing to the Wii and Nintendo DSTM this holiday season. Based on the brand that has become a worldwide phenomenon, players will pick a favorite Monster High™ character and assemble a team of friends and fiends to skate through the crypts of Monster High™. Gamers will collect power-ups, avoid monstrous obstacles, scream past the competition and use each character’s special ability to win the race and bring home the victory!

“The Monster High universe that Mattel developed has a rich palette to create an amazing video game experience,” stated Matt Scott, president of Little Orbit. “We are very excited to be bringing the freaky-fabulous and beloved characters of Monster High to fans in a fun-filled racing game.”

Staying true to the Monster High™ mantra of “Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster™,” players will choose from a roster of the perfectly-imperfect Monster High™ student body and compete in the most amazing sport at Monster High™ Skultimate Roller Maze™. The universal truths of teamwork and celebrating differences are woven into the game as players race through multiple treacherous courses, discover deviously hidden items and extend the play through multiple gameplay modes. With selectable difficulty settings and unlockable characters, Monster High™ Skultimate Roller Maze™ game will appeal to fans of all ages and skill levels. Monster High™ Skultimate Roller Maze™ is scheduled to arrive in stores during the 2012 holiday season for the Wii and NintendoTM DS.

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