ArenaNet Extends Free Trial and Sale of Guild Wars 2
Company: NCSOFT
BRIGHTON, UK – 3rd OCTOBER, 2013: NCSOFT and ArenaNet, developer of the popular Guild Wars franchise, today announced that the current free trial and sale of Guild Wars 2, its critically acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), will be extended into next week, allowing even more players to experience the exciting world of Tyria.

The free trial period, which is open to all players in Europe and North America, will continue for an additional three days, now ending Monday, 7th October at 09:00 CEST. Players can register for free trial accounts at The original seven-day free trial period, which started 27 September, was scheduled to end today. The extension provides even more opportunity for players to experience the trendsetting game, which recently was named the fastest-selling MMORPG of all time in Europe and North America through the first nine months of availability.

Similarly, the current sale prices will be extended for an additional two days, allowing players to purchase Guild Wars 2 at its lowest price ever through Wednesday, 9th October at 09:00 CEST. Players can buy the Digital Heroic Edition now through the end of the sale for €31.99 at Unlike many other games in the genre, no subscription fee is required.

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