Carbine Studios™' Sci-Fi MMO WildStar® Now Available for Pre-Order
Company: NCSOFT
Pre-orders are now live for NCSOFT® and Carbine Studios’ highly anticipated MMORPG, WildStar. Unlike anything currently available, WildStar engages players with a beautiful and distinctive animation style, robust housing customisation and high-action combat that truly tests players’ skill with its combination of movement, aiming and ‘telegraphs’. In addition, the game’s personality is distinct in its own right; humorous but laced with a mysterious undercurrent that implies there is more happening on planet Nexus than meets the eye. WildStar’s innovative Path system rewards players for their individual style of play, while providing an unprecedented level of exploration and discovery within the world.

Players who pre-order have early access to several closed and open beta events and will receive a variety of exclusive in-game items and perks, including:

Early game access beginning Saturday, 31st May (three days prior to the game’s official launch)
An exclusive Rocket House
A mini-ship housing decoration, which grants players additional rest experience points
A 10-slot storage bag to increase character inventory
The opportunity to reserve character and guild names prior to launch

Two versions of the game are available for pre-order: Standard and Deluxe, with the latter available digitally or at retail as a limited edition collectable Steelbook™. More information can be found at or through select third party retailers such as Game and Amazon.

WildStar officially launches on Tuesday, 3rd June 2014.

About WildStar
Set on the legendary planet Nexus, WildStar is a sci-fi MMO that has gained popularity for its wildly entertaining personality. The game gives players the freedom to play the way they want to play via the game’s unique Path system, while mixing humour and whimsy with a novel approach to combat. To learn more about WildStar, check out the website at

About Carbine Studios
Carbine Studios is a software development company focused on making high-quality, conceptually innovative Massively Multiplayer Online games. Located in Aliso Viejo, CA, Carbine was founded in 2005 as a division of NCSOFT Corporation by a dedicated team of game industry veterans of watershed franchises such as World of Warcraft®, EverQuest®, Diablo® II and Fallout®. The studio is currently hard at work on their sci-fi themed MMORPG, WildStar. For more information on Carbine Studios, please visit
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