Lineage II: Infinite Odyssey - New Free Content Expansion is Live
Company: NCSOFT
ALISO VIEJO, Calif. (April 22, 2015) Ė NCSOFT, the world's premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games, today announced that Infinite Odyssey, the next free content expansion for Lineage II, one of the longest-running MMOs in history and flagship title for NCSOFT, is now live and available for players.

Players will join Leona Blackbird in her quest to find and free the captured troops of the Blackbird Army. To do so, players will be challenged to journey through new zones and fight a powerful raid boss.

Infinite Odyssey launches as part of Lineage IIís 11th Anniversary, and encourages players to explore its new content. With the removal of the level cap, players will once again be able to experience the rush of leveling and learning new and powerful skills.

To celebrate the launch of Infinite Odyssey and begin Lineage IIís 11th Anniversary, the following additional events begin today:

A new store update, which includes items not only for the expansion, but also a series of Anniversary items. Long-time players will be able to claim a free Veteran Reward pack. And a series of 1NCoin sales will be run each week for the next five weeks to help players celebrate the Anniversary.
For one month, players can enjoy special server settings, which will provide free teleports, no XP loss on death, and a 50% XP/SP boost.

Lineage II has been a strong presence in the MMO landscape for 11 years, and with this expansion it continues to provide players with new and exciting content. Lineage II was one of two MMOs inducted into the MMO Hall of Fame for 2015, and will continue its rich history as it moves into yet another year of operation in North America.

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About Lineage II
Lineage II is one of NCSOFT's most venerated franchises, entering 12 years of operation in North America. Originally launched in April 2004, it continues to deliver new content to players on a regular basis. In November 2011, Lineage II became the first NCSOFT game to adopt the Truly Freeô model, abolishing the subscription fee and making it free to all players.

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