Mega Fun With City of Heroes
Company: NCSOFT
Tuesday 1 February 2005/... NCsoftTM Europe has announced that City of HeroesTM will be presented to the public for the first time ever this week, in Central London.

Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street is the place to be on Friday 4th February to get a first-hand look at the highly acclaimed City of Heroes. This is the first time ever that Virgin Megastore have held a launch for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game and it is sure to be an amazing event.

Not only will the public be able to come down and see the game but there will also be a chance for them to pick up some goodies. NCsoft Europe has joined forces with This Is, the number one website for those who live, work and play in the capital, to promote the event with free merchandise and competitions.

Max Brown, Sales and Marketing Director of NCsoft Europe, said: "We are very excited about the public event on Friday. This is the first time that a MMO has been publicly exhibited at Virgin Megastore and we are delighted that they have chosen City of Heroes as the first game worthy of such exposure."

City of Heroes, which allows players to create super-powered heroes and battle villains in the online world of Paragon City, is released across Europe on 4th February with an s.r.p. of £29.99 / €39.99. Monthly subscriptions will be £8.99 / €12.99 with discounts available for three-months £23.99 / €34.99 and six-months £44.99 / €64.99.

More information on City of Heroes and City of Heroes Deluxe edition is available at the official European web site:

About NCsoft Europe
NCsoft Europe (NC-E) is headquartered in Brighton, England and is part of Korea-based NCsoft Corporation, the world's leading developer and publisher of online games. NCsoft has already successfully established itself in North America, Japan, Taiwan, China and Thailand. NC-E began operations on 1st September 2004 and serves as a central hub for all NCsoft sales, marketing and distribution operations in Europe, via its European distribution network. NC-E is launching Lineage® II in November 2004, with City of HeroesTM and Guild Wars® scheduled for Q1, 2005. More information about NCsoft Europe can be found at

About Cryptic Studios
Cryptic Studios, Inc., located in San Jose, California, was established in July of 2000 and is an independent developer of massively multiplayer online games for the PC and next generation consoles. Its first game, City of Heroes, launched in April 2004. The game takes place in a virtual world where thousands of people play simultaneously, take on the role of super-powered heroes, fight villains and help create a dynamic story in a visually-stunning, 3-D graphical world.

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