Auto Assault Goes Into Hazard Mode
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Thursday 14 July 2005/... The NetDevil development team has unveiled a new movie and explained more about Hazard Mode and how it enhances gameplay in Auto AssaultTM, the fastest, most destructive MMO ever which will be available from NCsoftTM Europe later this year.

What is Hazard Mode?
In Auto Assault, each race has a unique ability to transform and do massive amounts of damage for a short period of time called "Hazard Mode." Originally, only Biomeks were designed with Hazard Modes as a racial advantage. However, it became clear at E3 2004 that transforming into hulking mecha robots was way cooler than the other races' abilities, so we added some equally outstanding Hazard Modes for Humans and Mutants as well.

What does each race's Hazard Mode do?
For Biomeks, it means they can turn into a hulking Mek – a large robot juggernaut – armed to the teeth, heavily armored, and immensely powerful. The Biomek vehicle actually forms into a Mek when the hazard mode is activated.

Humans have an advanced inversion-shielding technology, allowing them the ability to create an impervious field around the vehicle. Arcs of electromagnetic energy latch on to nearby enemies, slowing them down. Humans can then call down a high-energy satellite strike to this location, redirecting massive damage along the energy arcs around their location.

Mutants' hazard mode uses a melding of phaseform abilities and the Contamination to form a free-roving negative energy field known as "Wraithphase", which can damage any enemy within range and move in bursts of great speed.

Are there different Hazard Mode capabilities?
Just like any other piece of gear, your hazard kit can be swapped out for a different one, which may alter the capabilities of your actual hazard mode. Additionally, the hazard kits may have stats that affect your vehicle even when not in Hazard Mode.

For example, Human hazard kits are "Shield Generators", with different stats on the energy shielding inherent on human vehicles. A Mutant hazard kit is a "Locus", a strange artifact that focuses the Contamination in the atmosphere to replenish the structural integrity of Contamination-infused chassis frames, regenerating hit points. Biomeks use "Hazard Chips" that can also control nano-technology inherent in their vehicles to a variety of effects.

Can you use Hazard Mode right away?
Players can only use Hazard Mode once they have gained the ability to use hazard kits for their race, have attained at least level 8, and have destroyed a particular number of opponents – measured in the hazard mode gauge in the user interface. The ability to get hazard kits and learn more about hazard mode exists in the game in the form of special missions a player can undertake.

Beyond being cool looking, really, how does Hazard Mode enhance Auto Assault's gameplay?
Hazard mode adds a special ability to the player, enabling the player to get out of sticky situations where one might normally get overwhelmed. Perhaps the player needs to finish a mission or needs a final set of kills in the Arena for a win, and the hazard mode can accomplish this. Players can even improve their hazard mode through crafting and better hazard kits – even trade/sell them.

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