Ncsoft and Mmozine Launch Lineage Ii Digital Magazine Trial
Company: NCSOFT
Friday 8th February/... NCsoft Europe and MMOzine are once again joining forces to provide MMO gamers with yet another unique opportunity to enhance their online gaming. Dedicated to all things MMO, MMOzine brings news, previews, reviews and tutorials on all of the popular online role-playing games. Issue #3 features a series of articles on one of the worlds long standing MMORPGs – Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne.

Widely considered as the ultimate Player vs. Player MMO, Lineage II is now into its fourth year, having captivated over 17 million gamers from around the world. Lineage II presents players with the opportunity to mould a virtual society like no other MMO. The ultimate goal within Lineage II is to achieve the coveted position of one of nine Castle Lords – riding a mighty Wyvern through the skies and influencing the experience of thousands of players beneath them.

Lineage II requires unswerving dedication where mighty beasts must be slain and powerful skills and incantations learned. Players must band together in dungeon quests for rare treasures and build their reputation within a clan via political manipulation to progress. This enables them to lay siege to and take control of a mighty castle with the cooperation of hundreds of fellow players and crown themselves Castle Lord.

Issue #3 of MMOzine includes a preview of the latest free to subscriber’s expansion of Lineage II, titled The Kamael. The issue also includes a guide to playing the game from start and a special 14 day trial available from, so that readers can experience the game for themselves. Issue #3 also includes a sneak glimpse of an exclusive in-game item for Lineage II that will be available to readers in issue #4. And if that is not enough, the issue also includes a fantastic Lineage II competition, with plenty of goodies up for grabs.

“Working with NCsoft Europe again is really exciting,” comments Publishing Director, Dave Taylor. “Their understanding of their gamers and how to engage with them via our unique media proposition will help make this issue of MMOZine our best yet.”

MMOZine is a GamerZine, from the publishers of established digital magazines PCGamezine, 360Zine, P3Zine and others. Gamers simply require Adobe Reader 6, 7 or 8 on Windows or Mac to read it. There is no charge and no registration is required. Best of all, the magazine is written entirely by professional journalists and the pages are enhanced with video and interactive screens that bring the pages to life.

MMOzine is available to download from . Issue #3 will be available to download from the 12th February 2008.
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