NCsoft and Paragon Studios Present City of Heroes - the most accomplished and innovative super-powered MMO
Company: NCSOFT
City of Heroes® brings the comic book world alive in a massively multiplayer 3D online universe. Build your own unique super-powered hero or villain from millions of possible character combinations and venture into Paragon City™ or the Rogue Isles™ to live out your comic-inspired fantasies, and even create your own missions!

Originally launched in April 2004, the City of Heroes universe has expanded greatly with more than 15 content expansions, provided free of charge to subscribers, making it the largest and most established super-powered MMO experience on the market. From its award winning character creator to its innovative user-generated content system, Mission Architect, which allows players to create and share their own unique missions and story arcs, City of Heroes continues to break the mold with unprecedented new features and systems every year, offering the most complete and customizable online gaming experience in the genre.

City of Heroes is developed by Paragon Studios, NCsoft’s internal development studio based in Mountain View, California. The team at Paragon continues to lead the comic book-inspired MMO genre. Through their creativity, passion, and their relationship with the game’s community, Paragon Studios empowers their players with game features and systems offering an unparalleled level of customization.

Five Year Highlights

Play Hero or Villain: City of Heroes is the only MMO that allows players to create their own unique, super-powered Hero or Villain and choose to fight for good or evil.
User-Generated Content with Mission Architect: Create, share, play and rate your own stories in City of Heroes.
Character Customization: Not only does the character creator offer an ever expanding set of costume and power options, but our next update Issue 16: Power Spectrum brings the ability to customize the powers themselves!
Sidekicking: Brings players of different levels together. Invite a friend to be your sidekick – and reap the benefits of teamwork!
Super Travel Powers: City of Heroes is the first MMO to let players fly, super jump, super speed, or teleport.
PvP: Hone your skills in arena matches, or up the ante by venturing into PvP zones where Heroes and Villains duke it out to the finish.
Flashback System: Players can flashback to experience stories and missions that they may have missed, or want to play again.
Invention System: Allows players to craft special powers and enhancements using items collected in the game.
Badges: This innovative system introduced by City of Heroes and now used by other MMOs rewards Heroes and Villains for their accomplishments throughout the game.

Coming Up:
Powers Customization: Coming this fall with the release of Issue 16: Power Spectrum, players will be able to customize the powers they use, one of the most requested features from the City of Heroes community!
Going Rogue: This upcoming paid expansion brings a whole new dimension to online gameplay, by allowing players to walk the line between good and evil, or cross it.

Product Specifications:

Title: City of Heroes® (including City of Villains®)
Publisher: NCsoft®
Developer: Paragon Studios™
Category: Massively Multiplayer Online
Pricing: Retail box with subscription; free major content updates for subscribers
Release: Available Now

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