Secret Paths, the official game of the Mysterious Cities of Gold is now available on PC and Wii U
Paris, November 21 2013 - Neko Entertainment and Ynnis Interactive are proud to announce the release of the first adventure game based on the cult anime The Mysterious Cities of Gold. Available now on PC and Nintendo Wii U, the game Secret Paths will also come to iOS on November 27th, and Nintendo 3DS early December.

Extra levels will unlock free of charge as the new episodes of the cartoon air on television. The MCOG universe is now in your very hands in this delightful video game that will please both kids and nostalgic fans alike. You'll find all the elements that have built the fame of the anime over the last decades: original music, full cinematic excerpts from the new second season, a multitude of enigmas and riddles to solve, and of course the possibility to play with your favorite heroes and their specific skills.

Don't wait any longer to embark on a quest for the new city of gold in the heart of Imperial China!


About Ynnis Interactive (YIN):
Ynnis Interactive is an entertainment publisher founded by manga industry veteran Cedric Littardi, founder of Kazé, the first European label for distribution of Japanese anime. Ynnis is working on indie cross-media projects originating from diverse cultural spheres. Its first game, Strike Suit Zero, partly funded through Kickstarter, was published in January 2013. For its first licensed product, Ynnis cherry-picked the Mysterious Cities of Gold, cult anime series from France and Japan that is reputed for its powerful narratives and impressive historical backgrounds.

About Neko Entertainment :
Neko, named after the japanese word for “cat”, the studio was founded in 1999 though the passion of three video game industry pioneers with a strong desire to propose qualitative and creative games that only independence could offer. Since then, the company has developed numerous games on every active platform, with many successes such as Cocoto collection, Kung-fu Rabbit and more recently critically-acclaimed Puddle.