Conquer Online: New PvP Arena Gives Everyone the Chance to Win!
The combat-oriented MMORPG, Conquer Online (, has expanded its PvP action, yet again! This time, by adding a brand new match mode Ė the Championís Arena!

Different from the other PvP options, COís Championís Arena has tightened restrictions on gear, as well as character stats at every level, providing all of the aspiring champions an equal chance to win. Everyone needs to battle their way to the top, no matter how powerful they have become, which means skill and strategy will become the most important weapon when you step through those gates!

The fights are 1 on 1, and both fighters will earn points for their performance in battle. When you gain enough points, you can move up to the next level and unlock more of your powers to fight against stronger opponents.

The Championís Arena is also one of the most rewarding events in Conquer Online. With the points earned from the fights, players can also pick up valuable items from the Arena Store. So as you make your way to Level 7, you can compose your own set of powerful equipment with the items you win!

To join the Championís Arena, download the latest client at the official site and play for free!

About Conquer Online
Conquer Online is a free PVP MMORPG which features Free to Play, Skill to Win. In Conquer Online, you can choose from 8 unique classes and become a martial arts master. While exploring the ancient oriental fantasy world, you also can make friends with other players all over the world, organize a guild, and even get married. Complete quests, challenge fierce monsters, enhance gear and finally you'll become the conqueror of the world of fighters. Since launched, Conquer Online has attracted over 40 million registered players from around the world. Join them and prove yourself on the world-class stage now!
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