Demo of IHF Handball Challenge 12 now available for free
Company: Neutron Games
Berlin, 20.12.2011 – After more than two years of developing time IHF Handball Challenge 12, the first official handball video game for PC, has been released at the end of October. The developing studio from Berlin, Neutron Games, is now presenting a free demo version of the game to all gaming and handball fans just prior to Christmas.

Players can download the demo version for their PC at home. Four top teams, like France and Germany including all important players, obviously with original licenses, an arena and different difficulty levels, are available. The players can use all functions like the tactic manager, different shot options, cameras and statistics during the game. The complete version of the game IHF Handball Challenge 12 can be acquired directly from within the demo.

The full version offers more than 90 original teams, for example all participants of the 2011 World Championship in Sweden and all clubs from the TOYOTA Handball-Bundesliga, the 2. Handball-Bundesliga and the Spanish Liga ASOBAL. Different modes, like friendly matches, the World Championship, various leagues and a training mode, guarantee a lot of excitement.

A first, free update is currently creating a lot of buzz within the community of Handball Challenge. The list is based on the feedback of the users. After each game detailed statistics are available, including goal scorers and fouls. The league mode can be used for the World League and some small changes have improved the game play. More difficulty levels, newly designed spectators and smoother animations are offered as well.

More free updates and nice and interesting news will be available on in the upcoming weeks. The Christmas package is rounded up by a nice lottery, including prizes like signed t-shirts from our testimonial Dominik Klein (THW Kiel), and some irresistible offers.

About Neutron Games
Already since 2007 the two founders, Gregor Ilg and Björn Kaminski, are taking care of building a video-game company in order to develop interactive software for handball. After finishing third in a competition for business ideas the young company was able to win the 2009 Serious Games Award of Berlin for a concept regarding a game to learn and teach the sport of handball. Neutron Games GmbH was officially founded in Berlin in July 2009 including 15 employees and is financially supported by Investitionsbank Berlin, the Mediaboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the European Regional Development Fund and private investors. A lot of partnerships to various companies already exist, like the Gameslab of the academy for engineering and economy of Berlin or the close cooperation with the internet portal “”. Neutron Games is official license holder of German Handball-Bundesliga, the International Handball Federation (IHF) and Liga ASOBAL from Spain.
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