The Game of Wonderlines: A Miraculous Trip to Antiquity!
Company: Nevosoft
From the creators of "Zzed", an obscenely addictive space puzzler-shooter, comes a new game of Wonderlines. Wonderlines is a remake of a massively popular game, yet this time Lines took a dramatic design deviation. Only balls and lines remind of its predecessor here, all the rest is covered with the charm of novelty. A player will be astonished to see a new bonus system, a new intricate gameplay structure and, naturally, a fresh interface design. The music and visuals are worthy of great praise too. The superb visuals and melodious music are genuinely relaxing.

Firstly, now you are to choose your own way in the game: Puzzle, Action, Zen Way. All three modes are different, yet each of them requires special skills. Secondly, the general aim of the game stayed nearly the same, yet now you are not only to match several balls of one color in a line, but also blow them up over certain brown squares. The challenge of the game is to remove all brown squares in each level. Wonderlines may seem to be a child's play, but as you go from one level or stage to another you have to think of new ways of going through a game. 70 levels of the game are very different one from another. Finally, another merit of the game is new bonuses: the miraculous multicolor ball, dazzling diamond, clever hammer, triple or quadruple bomb and others, which help you a lot as you are making your way through Wonderlines.

The game has been recently greatly praised by experts from the "Independent Gaming" website: "Wonderlines from Nevosoft is an excellent remake of Color Lines with plenty of shiny new features that will keep you hooked to this puzzler for a long time. I'm not a big fan of the original game but this is one puzzler I'd highly recommend, to hardcore puzzle fans and casual gamers alike".

"That's an absolutely marvelous game. I just can believe that the simple game of Lines was the initial step in developing all this," says Tim Roirot, one of the customers. "I think this game is a sure way to relax yourself and train your brains simultaneously".

"Wonderlines" Features at a Glance:
- New captivating graphics;
- Clearly structured game play;
- Variety of levels, plus 3 game modes;
- New system of bonuses;
- Gentle and melodious music.
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