Play Zzed and Help Alien Victim of Corporate Intrigues Overcome Space Challenges and Come Back Home to His Green Beloved!
Company: New Kid Co
SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia. - January 31, 2005: NevoSoft is proud to announce today the release of Zzed, the latest version of an electrifying space shooter mixed with lots of action, adventure and puzzle. Zzed will put the player into the spaceship and take on a tough galactic mission with over 60 levels to win. With superb cartoon graphics, exhilarating gameplay and original music, Zzed will be the ultimate source of enjoyment for kids and parents alike.

The game comes to life as Zzed, a young and ambitious alien, has been sent on a special mission by his corrupted boss, Mr. Zzapon. There, in the backwoods of the galaxy Zzed will have to protect the space foundries of his boss from vast space garbage fields. However, the real reason of the mission is Zzapon's fear that Zzed will throw him down the corporate throne. Zzed leaves home with a heavy heart as the assignment separates him from his beloved alien sweetheart. To win the ticket back home, Zzed has to remove all space garbage from around the galaxy."

The player's playfield will be a space zone around a foundry with Zzed's anti-garbage ship in the center. The objective is to destroy massive space garbage fields gravitating towards Zzed's ship. All garbage consists of multicolored pieces. So, the player must shoot those pieces with garbage pieces that also come in different colors. Whenever the player gets three or more matching pieces stuck together, they explode. Shooting a garbage-buster missile or bomb, the player will blow up the whole garbage field and increase Zzed's chances for survival.

"Zzed is not all about shooting. The game will also challenge your reaction and thinking, said Alexey Serebrov, CEO of NevoSoft. "As you go from level to level, the speed of garbage fields increases. Therefore, you will have to act fast and smart. You will be analyzing different combinations of pieces, choosing the best trajectory for the next shot and calculating the maximum damage to the field - all in seconds!"

Below are some of the most significant Zzed features:

Totally-addictive gameplay with an original game scenario;

60 diversely-themed game levels plus 10 space zones;

Lively music plus sleek and clear cartoon graphics;

Laser targeting displays the path of the shot;

Many cool bonuses such as a garbage-buster missile, super bomb, bonus meteorite, etc.

Zzed runs under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP and costs $19.95 (USD). Registered customers are entitled to the unlocked gameplay, free updates and lifetime technical support. An evaluation version of the game limited to the 40-minute gameplay is available for free at:

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