Nexon signed global publishing contract for ProjectNT MMORPG
Company: Nexon
Nexon Korea Corporation (“Nexon”) and ThingSoft, a Korean based game development studio, officially signed a publishing contract for ProjectNT, a fresh and original 3D MMORPG intellectual property.

With the announcement of the new publishing contract, Nexon has also released more information about ProjectNT. In its very unique approach to the Masses, ProjectNT, not only provides a beautiful and charming atmosphere featuring a self-developed cell shading engine, but also offers unique engagement as the game unfolds.

ProjectNT offers a huge variety of fantasy content for players to enjoy around supernatural beings called ‘Kirana’ and enables a high degree of creativity. Lovers of strategic games will have the ability to create their own ‘Kirana’ characters by combining various skills without distinction of any particular classes like warrior or wizard, while more casual gamers will enjoy the fantastical elements and battle scenes.

Under the agreement, Nexon will gain the publishing rights to service ThingSoft’s ProjectNT in both domestic and global regions, including Japan, Korea, North America and Europe.

“Nexon is excited to partner with like-minded, innovative companies like ThingSoft, and we look forward to bringing ProjectNT to new regions and audiences,” said Min Seo, CEO of Nexon Korea Corporation.

“ProjectNT is built on a user-developed engine, offering players a graphic experience that matches the high quality level of animated movies. Nexon has been very successful in servicing a wide variety of games worldwide, and we look forward to driving positive synergies through this partnership,” said Jung Sang Won, CEO of ThingSoft.

ThingSoft, the developer of ProjectNT is a company founded by Jung Sang Won, a domestic 1st generation game developer who led the development of online games such as The Kingdom of the Winds and Legend of Darkness.
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