NEXON Europe announces official launch for Mabinogi and unveils Generation 3!
Company: Nexon
26 May 2010

NEXON Europe is thrilled to announce the official launch of its fantasy-life MMORPG, Mabinogi. Along with commemorative events the launch also brings the highly anticipated Generation 3 storyline, which sees the battle between the Dark Knights and the Paladins escalated to a new level! Players can also expect to see a brand new cash shop, guild system and uncapped skill rank, offering everyone the opportunity to a perfect fantasy life in the Mabinogi world!

Generation 3 is here and Mabinogi fans and newbies alike can now get serious with their gameplay as the conflict between the two sides develops. Players can now choose to become either a Dark Knight or Paladin, in a bid to defeat the opposition and win the war.

In true celebratory style Mabinogi will also enjoy a number of eagerly awaited features that will accompany the launch. Starting with the all new cash shop, players will now be able to purchase items that will significantly aid their gameplay. Ranging from pets to rare and advantageous items, the cash shop will enhance your true fantasy life.

Also seeing the arrival of a new guild and wedding system, users can now enjoy the community spirit of a guild or personal encounter with a new partner in marriage. But, if it's combat that you're interested in then the uncapped skill ranks will not disappoint. As from today, users can feel free in the knowledge that they can master their combat skills

There are a number of events that highlight Mabinogi's launch, and give everyone the opportunity to get involved and earn rewards. Newbies can look forward to earning free NX Cash from simply creating their character with the 'Welcome to Erinn' event, plus they can win a sword in 'Duncan's Praise' quest. While more experienced players can try their hand at completing Generation 3, or share their knowledge with others as a 'Mabinogi Mentor' for more in game rewards!

Mabinogi just got bigger and you could be part of it too, as this fantasy life MMORPG is totally free-to-download and free-to-play. So, why not come and try out the fun with the brand new launch today here and check out the new exclusive Mabinogi trailer for Europe here!

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About Mabinogi
Mabinogi's traditional mouse and keyboard functions unite with its distinctive combat, and anthology of game-play styles, that should excite the most hardcore gamers. Players will also quickly discover Mabinogi requires more finesse and strategy during combat than just pushing a few buttons and haphazardly attacking everything in sight. The unique fighting system adds another degree of complexity to the game. Characters develop skills in three categories - Life, Combat and Magic - so users can not only gain experience by fighting a giant spider but also by cooking dinner and learning a new spell. Players acquire Ability Points as they gain experience in the game to help show progression. This gives players more freedom to play Mabinogi however they choose.

About NEXON Europe
Established in March 2007, NEXON Europe is the European publishing arm of NEXON and has brought the worldwide hit casual MMORPG ˇ°MapleStoryˇ± to Europe in May 2007 and the successful First-Person-Shooter ˇ°Combat Armsˇ± in January 2009.
With the upcoming launch of the anticipated 3D Fantasy MMORPG ˇ°Mabinogiˇ±, NEXON Europe has aggravated the position of a promising publisher in Europe. For more information on NEXON Europe and its games, please visit the official website at and our blog
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