The New Blood comes to Combat Arms Europe
Company: Nexon
Luxembourg, 12th August 2011 – Nexon Europe today announced that their popular online multiplayer FPS Combat Arms has received the biggest update of the year by revealing the eagerly awaited mode, Hired Guns and the new battle zone, Blood Money.

Hired Guns is a unique team vs. team mode in which each player has the ability to hire and control NPC mercenaries to help achieve objectives and defeat the opponent team. Each team may have up to eight players and can earn funds to hire mercenaries. To support this intriguing mode, Combat Arms‘ Central Command did not forget to bring the proper stage for combat, Blood Money for the taking! Blood Money is the first mission available for the Hired Guns mode. Two teams compete to break into an international bank and use their hired mercenaries to steal a fortune in gold from Nemexis. Time to hire your team and take your prize money before the other merc team can get to it!
In celebration of this massive update, Combat Arms Europe also decided to increase the EXP and GP (Gear Points) reward rates in various game modes that is now playable. Soldiers will now relish from the earnings they get after each round they play and eventually reach higher ranks or become rich more easily! In addition to the rate adjustments, Combat Arms will be deploying even more, as soldiers who play each and every match from August 10th to the 16th will earn an additional 100% EXP and GP.

Staying in line with the EXP/GP boost event, Combat Arms Europe is also offering a very special chance for those simply logging in anytime during August 10th to 16th, by giving away a Brain Bucket Gift Case and Kevlar Gift Case that will provide head gear and vest items upon activation. When Blood Money is involved, readiness is the key to succeed, so make no mistakes soldiers!

“This is a remarkable update” said Sungjin Kim, C.E.O. of Nexon Europe. “On top of all the dynamic game modes available in Combat Arms, we are confident that the addition of Hired Guns will bring a totally new experience to the players. We hope the 3 million plus community enjoys the update along with the special events we’ve prepared.”

With all of these updates and events this month, players can expect to be kept busy as they immerse themselves in the world’s largest online arsenal, Combat Arms.

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