Cyber Monster Official Launch Announced
Company: NGames
After a month of Closed and Open Beta, NGames will be launching the 3D browser based MMORPG Cyber Monster at midnight on October 16th 2012.

Players will be able to enjoy:

1. New Server - S2: Beowulfs Fury. Now new players can enjoy the latest chapter of the adventure.

2. Cool Halloween Events – Halloween events are among the most enjoyable in the world of Cyber Monster, with free items and luxury gift packs for all players.

3. Gift Giveaway - 15 free Coupons are available to all players every day from 0:00:01, October 16 – 23:59:59, October 30!

4. Shop Discounts - 50% off fashion outfits and pet eggs in the shop from 0:00:01, October 16 – 23:59:59, October 22!

5. Level Prize - 1 Super Level Gift Pack that contains various items and has a chance to give 1 Superman to players who are at least Lv.61 from 0:00:01, October 16 – 23:59:59, October 31!

6. Top Up and Win Crystal - 15 Crystals for every 100 Coupons players accumulate from 00:00:01, October 16 – 23:59:59, October 31. This means if you top up and accumulate 500 Coupons during the period, then you’ll receive 75 Crystals!

7. Awesome Gifts for Guild Expansion - 1 Guild Donation Pack to all guilds level 6 and above on all servers from 00:00:01, October 16 – 23:59:59, October 31. To obtain the pack, the guild leader simply needs to create a post on the Customer Service section with a screenshot of the guild details panel. The guild members can then reply to the post with a screenshot of their character name to obtain their rewards!

8. Coliseum Competition - 1200 / 800 / 500 Crystals to the top three players after the official launch!

Official Website:

About Cyber Monster:
Based on a magical storyline in the European Middle Ages, Cyber Monster provides a thrilling world where players grow up as they overcome hoards of difficulties on the fantastic journeys.

There’re an array of paper dolls to match up, pets to select and mounts to ride in the game.

The lovely turn-based game features the fantastic scenes, cute monsters, stunning skill effects and various gameplays that include flying with the mounts, raising pets, casting magic, and making friends.
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