BoomSky Closed Beta Launches Today
Company: NGames
NGames, a leading online games publisher, is proud to announce that closed beta testing of new strategy browser-based MMO, BoomSky, begins today, Nov 21st at 7pm CST (GMT -6).

BoomSky is a strategy-based browser adventure featuring colourful anime graphics, exciting backdrops and a raft of fascinating content across multiple modes of play. BoomSky's keyboard controlled air battles throw off the shackles of mouse-only browser-based gaming, lending the gameplay experience an old school flavour with a fresh graphical twist.

The closed beta test is scheduled to last 6 days, from November 21st - November 26th, with publisher NGames preparing a slew of fun-filled events for all participating players.

BoomSky players collect, customise, and pilot a wide variety of warplanes and deadly flying machines, each with their own attributes and gameplay benefits. BoomSky features hundreds of warplanes and aerial contraptions, which players can pilot by completing strategic dog-fighting quests and missions.

As usual for NGames betas, all player data will be wiped at the end of the CBT...all, that is, except for one crucial, potentially game-changing player statistic, which will be remembered for the start of the open beta phase later this month!

Pilots who prove themselves to be worthy warriors of the skies during BoomSky's closed beta test will earn a special invite to the exclusive Mad Ares clan for the open beta.

A long time ago, the hero Mad Ares lead his warriors to victory against an overwhelming enemy. The Kingdom was saved and the honor was theirs.

Joining Mad Ares and his team of warriors is is amongst the highest honors available in BoomSky, granting players new items and upgrades to get a head start with their adventure. To earn acceptance, players must prove themselves worthy by finishing the closed beta with a high attack rating.

Players can get the most out of BoomSky's gameplay by participating in a series of events throughout the closed beta. From free item packs bursting with valuable upgrades, to double EXP rounds and ferocious aerial dogfight contests; players are rewarded for testing and stretching the boundaries of everything BoomSky has to offer.

Players can also bag themselves rewards for not only reporting any bugs they encounter, but for putting forward new gameplay ideas and suggestions too.


The BoomSky closed beta launches today! Players can sign up for free at the official BoomSky website now:

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