Boomsky Enters Open Beta Phase
Company: NGames
Publisher NGames has announced the open beta launch of strategic browser-based aerial combat MMO, BoomSky. The open beta follows a popular closed beta phase, which finished on Nov 26th and saw masses of players band together to defeat the nefarious Dr. Steel.

BoomSky is a strategic aerial-combat multiplayer browser game, transporting players to the cockpits of customisable fighter planes as they tear across the sky on adrenaline fuelled adventures. The open beta phase is available now. NGames have wiped all player data from the closed beta phase and responded to community feedback by introducing a raft of gameplay tweaks and improvements.

Boomsky's successful closed beta enamoured players with eye-catching anime aesthetics, packing a graphical world with everything from cute flying piggies, to dominating warplanes and iron man suits.

However, players soon discovered that BoomSky's beauty is more than skin-deep. The game offers an innovative browser-based combat experience by taking the battlefield to the sky and making dynamic systems, such as weather and aerial-traps, a key gameplay strategy. For budding pilots, knowing the right moment to detonate a bomb can mean the difference between being on cloud nine with a victory or seeing a battle strategy literally fall out of the sky and fail.

Pilots who understood the value of teamwork soon became heralded heroes and protectors of the BoomSky world, helping to prevent the evil Dr. Steel's plans for world domination again and again. Closed beta players enjoyed old-school arcade inspired combat across multiple modes of play, all while raising their battle profiles in a bid to win a spot on the prestigious Mad Ares clan. Utilizing a variety of customizable fighter planes and fantastic weaponry, players who finished the closed beta with a high attack rating have now earned acceptance to the Mad Ares clan for the open beta phase.


The BoomSky open beta phase is available now. Interested players can collect, customise, and pilot a wide variety of warplanes and deadly flying machines, each with their own attributes and gameplay benefits. BoomSky features hundreds of warplanes and aerial contraptions to collect, earned by completing strategic dog-fighting quests and missions.

The games keyboard controlled air battles throw off the shackles of mouse-only browser-based gaming, lending the gameplay experience an old school flavour with a fresh graphical twist.

Players can sign up for free at the official BoomSky website now:

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