Heed the Call of the Wartune - A New MMORPG Releasing this March on Game321.com
Company: NGames
NGames, an award-winning online games developer and publisher, has today revealed Wartune - a brand new strategy/action hybrid MMORPG releasing this March on the Game321.com portal.

Wartune is an exciting new hybrid MMORPG where the action begins with the first click. Featuring single and mulitplayer dungeons, PvP arenas, competitive battlegrounds, thousand-player boss battles, a robust guild system, and...farming; Wartune combines fan-favourite features from a multitude of multiplayer gaming genres and wraps them all up in foreboding fantasy setting.

Publisher NGames has revealed the origins of Wartune's lore, which throws players into a dangerous alternate universe. Mankind is on the brink of destruction and planet Earth is ravaged by marauding monsters – remnants of the aftermath of a war between the ancient gods of Light and Dark.

Head the call of the Wartune and watch the reveal trailer on YouTube now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1YoS_NM-t4

Legend tells of a mysterious magical artifact called the “God's Harp”, which was used by the High Goddess herself to create the universe and all of the lesser gods within it. In the distant past when gods walked the earth, the epic Seraphic War between the gods of Light and Dark broke out over control of the instrument. After many years of fighting, the concerned High Goddess poured out all of her power and split the harp into several pieces, scattering them across the planet before sinking into a deep sleep.

Though the Earth was considered safe, the absence of gods allowed an unknown threat to spread its influence across the universe. A dark void that existed beyond the perception of gods broke out, sending countless kinds of evil hurtling towards Earth. The human resistance was soon defeated, and led by Yaros, corrupted son of Diablo, the powerful God of the Underworld, evil soon enslaved mankind, enveloping the planet in a smoke that destroyed the once lush plains and forests.

There is a description of Yaros in an old poem:

"Even Death fears his horror.
Eternal fires of hell burns on his crimson skin;
wings of abyss extend on the back of his giant body.
Where ever he goes,
even the air shall burn."

Fortunately, the humans still had one great hero left – a sacred sword master known as Aklorn. As the strongest man of the Yaloran Empire, Aklorn was endowed with a shard of the God's Harp by the Yaloran High Priest, and took off on a mission to defeat Yaros and his army once and for all. Alkorn knew the price of freedom would be high, and that he would never return from the battle.

No one knows what happened during the battle, only that both Aklorn and Yaros seem to have vanished. The humans lost their hero, but in taking Yaros out of the equation they gained some hope. Mankind is fatigued but there is no time for rest. Monsters from the void are still roaming the Earth and they must be stopped by any means necessary. In these turbulent days, people longing for peace are looking for a new savior, and a new chapter is waiting to be opened…


Wartune is a new hybrid MMORPG releasing on the Game321.com portal this March.

Official Site: http://wartune.game321.com/

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