NGames Reveal New Side-Scrolling RPG, Divines of the East
Company: NGames
NGames, a leading online games publisher and operator of the online games portal, is today delighted to reveal Divines of the East - a brand new free-to-play side-scrolling RPG with unique hand-drawn graphics inspired by ancient Asian mythology.

Welcome to Divines of the East.

Featuring ancient beasts, spirits, and monstrosities never before seen, Divines of the East is an upcoming free-to-play side-scrolling RPG 2D browser game with a difference.

Releasing soon on the online games portal, Divines of the East throws its players into an ancient world brought to life with gorgeous, painstakingly hand-drawn graphics inspired be ancient Asian mythology. Strange and powerful creatures, Eastern-themed locations, and an exciting storyline are all awaiting players in Divines of the East; an RPG set to offer gamers a thrilling and truly unique taste of the Orient.

Divines of the East follows the story of the legendary Shennong, a Divine Farmer who taught people how to live off the land. Besides his farming abilities, Shennong possessed an outstanding knowledge of herbs and their usage for medicinal purposes - a skill that made him extremely popular amongst his people. But this skill would also be the cause of his death. Shennong always experimented with herbs on his own body first, eventually poisoning himself with a bad herb while testing a new herbal remedy.

Upon death, Shennong's kind soul was rejected by the Emperor of Heaven, who was jealous that his people loved Shennong more than they loved him. As way of punishment, Shennong's soul was locked inside a tower, preventing his ability to reincarnate, and his body, which remained on earth, was split into pieces and used to restrain the fearsome Devils of Five Elements.

After 4 years trapped in the Tower of Heaven, another God secretly freed Shennong, allowing him to finally reincarnate. Upon learning what happened, the Emperor of Heaven's rage and fury shook the land and he immediately ordered every God go to Earth to hunt down Shennong’s reincarnation.

A day in heaven is equal to a year in the human world. It is now 1,400 years since Shennong was originally trapped in the tower, and the demons restrained using his body will not be happy to hear about his return.

Players take on the role of Shennong's reincarnation, embarking on a story that sees them hunted by the gods above and hated by the creatures below. To save the land, players will need to forge friendships, form clans, and call upon the power of the mystical creatures roaming Divines of the East's unique hand-drawn world.

Divines of the East players will enjoy a plethora of clan features, including Territory battles, ANBU, craft masters, village building, quests, and more. Players will also be free to visit the Arena, participate in PVP events, and take their place in the Daily Faction Wars, which see the Immortals face off against the Demons for control of the land.

Divines of the East is coming soon to Publisher NGames will be releasing more information in the coming weeks.

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