Tales of Laputa Rebranding to Tales of Solaris
Company: NGames
NGames Interactive Ltd, operators of leading free-to-play online games portal, Game321.com, has today announced an upcoming name change for magical web MMORPG, Tales of Laputa. Starting Tuesday, May 28th, Tales of Laputa will be officially rebranded as Tales of Solaris, with a host of new gameplay updates to celebrate.

Currently in open beta on the Game321.com online games portal, Tales of Solaris combines RPG gameplay with classic anime elements and thrusts players into a brave new world where magic and machinery coexist, and the threat of demonic invasions is an ever-present danger.

Tales of Solaris is the new title for Tales of Laputa, a name change publisher NGames has introduced in order to broaden the game's global appeal.

"Tales of Laputa has being a great new addition to the Game321 portal, all of our players love it!", said Tracy Wang, NGames PR Manager, "We're changing the name to Tales of Solaris to help us reach a wider global audience. We want even more players to experience this magical web MMO, and we believe a name change is the best way to do that."

To usher in the new name, a new version of the popular magical web MMORPG will be rolled out, introducing three brand new gameplay systems.

Tales of Solaris players will be given more options than ever before on how they use their wings, thanks to a new Plume system that allows for higher levels of wing synthesis. Available at level 50, players using the Plume system to hunt exciting new wing parts may even come across the newly introduced Gray Plumes, which can be sold for bags of in-game gold.

Wearing plumes benefits a character's stats, giving them Plume Combat Power for added battlefield abilities. Plumes come in many shapes, sizes, and colours, and with the added option of synthesizing them into stronger, better looking sets, ToS players will be able to personalize their wings to truly match their character's style.

To show others how fly their wings are, players with over 5,000 Combat Power will be able to visit the new Zeal Colosseum - a cross-server, multiple-pet battle mode. Teams of up-to three pets can battle one another at the Zeal, with plenty of daily rewards on offer for frequent visitors and winners.

The Zeal Colosseum allows players to earn and topple each other for ranks. The higher the rank earned, the better the reward, from Special Pet Skill Boxes to some outstanding premium items.

Tales of Solaris will also mark the introduction of a new Mercenary system, which promises to forever change the way players approach the game's many exciting dungeons and quests. NGames will release more information on the Mercenaries next week.

Tales of Laputa will be rebranding to Tales of Solaris next Tuesday, May 28th.

With six varied and exciting classes to choose from and a plethora of items and equipment to customize characters, there is something for every player in Tales of Laputa. Interested gamers can visit the Tales of Laputa official website and play for free now: http://bit.ly/152Q2C4

Facebook: http://bit.ly/12ic6p4
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TalesofLaputa
Youtube: http://bit.ly/Z8IaXX

Gamers can enjoy a variety of free online games, including popular anime MMO's, Pockie Ninja II Original and Pockie Pirates, on Game321 now: http://www.game321.com

About Tales of Laputa

Tales of Laputa is a feature packed web MMORPG with exciting battle gameplay and classic anime elements. The game takes places in a continent where magic and machinery coexists. The Order of Morias is the ruler of City of Sky. The mysterious Bandits group, which bears unknown missions, is vying to overturn the order of the continent. As a member of the Order, players must join the unprecedented war, reveal the true history and finally lead the City of Sky to a new era, and all while teaming up with friends to create an organization even greater than the Order of Morias.
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