Pockie Saints Closed Beta Launches 9:00PM (GMT-5) on 26th June
Company: NGames
Publisher NGames, operator of the Game321.com online games portal, is today excited to announce the closed beta launch of charming fantasy online game, Pockie Saints. Inspired by the gods of Order, Chaos, and the 12 Zodiacs, the enchanting MMO delivers a rich and loveable adventure, and testers will get the unique chance to invest their time in Pockie Saints’ special Closed Beta events.

Entering closed beta today, Pockie Saints thrust players into the centre of an almighty struggle between Order and Chaos. When the Blade of Chaos crashes down to earth, Pockie Saints players must overcome unique divine challenges, tackle special instances, utilize various pets, collect medals, and master the Zodiac horoscopes; all in search of a Holy Blade capable of restoring peace to the world – before it is too late!

Pockie Saints' closed beta players have eight days to explore this graphically rich world. During this time, NGames is providing a range of special events offering generous rewards and a chance to put the game through its early paces.

The Happy Server Opening Event allows players to receive substantial rewards as long as they meet the relevant requirements. There are two types of rewards to gain; a Star Reward and a General Reward. For example, on Day One, upon gaining a level, the player who reaches no.1 in the level rankings will receive the coveted Star Reward - a powerful Lvl.30 Orange Weapon. General rewards will provide players with gifts once they gain less specific criteria, such as reaching level 30.

NGames are also holding a Pre-Top-Up event, allowing players to fully utilize the charging system. Pockie Saints players will have the ability to top up and add money in-game, with a generous exchange rate of 1-to-40 for Golden Beans to Crystals. What’s more, players will also have access to the Pockie Saints Top-up Event, available on June 27th to July 5th. During this period, warriors can top up 200 Crystals to gain some fantastic rewards, and players can even top up more to earn the rare pet Werewolf and Dark Angel. The more they top-up, the greater the gift!

All data will be wiped on day eight of the closed beta, and players will receive a full reimbursement of Golden Beans, as well as a generous 20% reward of crystals to spend when the next round of Pockie Saints testing begins.

There is much to enjoy during Pockie Saints' exciting closed beta, however, NGames is always looking for ways to improve. As such, substantial crystal rewards are up for grabs for anyone who can locate certain bugs, from simple misspellings to bugs that have a significant impact on the game. To submit a Bug report or Suggestion on the official forum, players just simply provide their character’s details, alongside the bug description and a screenshot. The bigger the bug, the better the reward!


Official Site: http://saints.game321.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PockieSaints
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PockieSaints
Landing page: http://go.game321.com/thirteen1_ps.htm

About NGames

NGames Interactive Limited is a leading entertainment company, specializing in the development, operation, and publishing of online social and browser games. NGames leverages its Game321 brand and takes advantage of its rich industry experience to promote an array of stunning games across the globe.

Over the last few years, NGames has become a strong brand in the gaming industry. It has established a large integrated entertainment platform, and has achieved worldwide success with a number of popular games, such as the Pockie Ninja series and Pockie Pirates. Additionally, the company has revealed an impressive set of other games, including FoxLi Rush, Cyber Monster, Tales of Solaris, Wartune, Divines of the East, Brave Fantasy, and DDTank. With its explosive expansion, the company is currently on its way into the mobile games market, and has already taken on projects of mobile games development.

Motivated by its passion and ambition in the gaming industry, NGames will continuously improve its brand image, form professional technical and management teams, deliver superior service to gamers, and release more addictive online games on multiple platforms.
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