Pockie Ninja packs a punch
Company: NGames
NGames release more screenshots for their anime-inspired MMO, this time showing off a selection of Pockie Ninja's powerful special abilities - including Naruto Uzumaki's infamous Demon Fox form!

NGames, the online publisher behind upcoming MMO Pockie Ninja, has released a stunning set of screenshots showing some of the game's powerful special skills in action.
The new screenshots, featuring such iconic characters as Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, Itachi Uchiha and more; demonstrate the kind of powers players will wield during in-game battles - proving that cute, pocket-sized characters can still pack a fierce punch.

Sealed within Naruto Uzumaki's body, the infamous Demon Fox form unleashes an overwhelming barrage of power and strength. Unaware of his power for 12 years, Naruto's Demon Fox is triggered by pure anger and comes in many variations depending on the amount of tails on show – each forming a demon fox shroud around Naruto's body.
His skin burns, his muscles grow, his eyes change, and foolish opponents suffer!

Earning its name because it was once used to split a bolt of lightning in half, the Lightning Cutter is the extremely powerful ability of Kakashi Hatake. The attack channels electric Chakra, forming a visible ball of blue electricity around Kakashi's hands. The Lightning Cutter is actually a stronger variation of the original Chidori (a thousand birds) ability, a power known to be fatal.
If the Chidori was a killer blow, imagine what the more powerful Lightning Cutter will do...
Our tip: get out of the way, quick!

Renji Abarai is well known for having one of the best swords to ever feature in an anime, and Pockie Ninja's cute variation of the character is no different. Soul Reapers carry swords that can make identifying their level of power a breeze – the bigger the sword, the more powerful the character's abilities. Renji Abarai's sword becomes huge!
When unsealed, the sword transforms into a massive, powerful snake that ferociously attacks its target, biting them as fast as a cannon with its mouth wide open.

The sword-based fun doesn't stop there either. Hitsugaya Toushiro comes with an especially cool ability – controlling a humongous ice dragon! These powerful attacks surround opponents in giant ice pillars, rendering them frozen and prone to further damage.

With over 100 characters to play, Pockie Ninja is proudly boasting a plethora of abilities and play styles. Cute as they may be, these mini-variations of some of anime's most iconic characters are just as brutal as their full sized counterparts.
Many of anime fans' favourite abilities will be featured in Pockie Ninja, including Itachi Uchiha's illusion based Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye, and Gaara's insanely powerful Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral, which crushes opponents in compressed sand and causes a kilometre-wide earthquake!

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Pockie Ninja!

“Pockie Ninja” will focus on the unique life and journey of a ninja, entrusted with defeating the world's most evil and destructive warrior corporations.

Restless souls in Demon City have awakened and broken free of their seal, escaping the guarded city.
By using forbidden ninjutsu on innocent animals, turning them into puppet warriors, the evils plan to invade Angel City, release their leader and rule the world again. The abuse of forbidden ninjutsu has caused rapid environment deterioration, washing and rocking the land with tsunamis and earthquakes.

As the last hope of the world and the 'chosen one', the player needs to embrace the ways of the ninja, protect Angel City and restore the natural balance of order, utilizing extraordinary ninja skills along the way.

About Ngames:
Ngames Limited specialize in the development, operation, and promotion of online games.
In June, 2010 Ngames released the Q-3D MMORPG, Fairy Story, adding to their impressive catalogue of online games which already included DDTank and browser-based MMO, Caesary.

Pockie Ninja will be the fourth game available under their “Game 321” brand.

Ngames has established a research & development operation focused on creating original intellectual property and launching original games.

Ngames are leveraging the power of their established Game 321 brand, building a large-scale integrated entertainment platform with the ultimate goal of providing users with premium online gaming content, visually stunning animation, as well as a social networking service.

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