ijji.com Announces U.S. Soldier Front Tournament
Company: NHN USA, Inc.
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. – August 21, 2007 – NHN USA’s ijji.com, the U.S. subsidiary of the largest Korean internet company, NHN (KOSDAQ:035420), announced details of the U.S. Soldier Front Tournament. The winning tournament team of five players will be flown to Thailand where they will be the U.S. representatives who will battle with other teams from around the world in the World Soldier Front Championship.

The U.S. Soldier Front Tournament will start during the first two weeks of September. The winning team will receive the grand prize of an all-expenses paid trip to Thailand to compete in the World Soldier Front Championship on October 20-21, 2007. As the U.S. representative, the winning team will compete against teams from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Thailand for a prize purse of over $15,000.

Soldier Front is a military FPS (First Person Shooter) which implements distinct task force strategies found in today’s modern combat. With comprehensive research from military personnel, Soldier Front was developed to follow a soldier’s perspective to provide a realistic and unique experience. Users get to choose their character from elite task force teams such as the SAS, Delta Force, Spetsnaz and other task force teams each with their own distinctive weapons.

For more information and details of the U.S. Soldier Front Tournament, please visit http://sfront.ijji.com/

Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., NHN USA is a subsidiary of NHN – a multi-national powerhouse operating a search engine portal and multiple game sites which has propelled NHN to become the leading internet company in Korea. NHN also operates the leading game sites in Japan and China.

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NHN USA’s ijji.com is a premier internet game destination, offering a full range of casual to serious multiplayer titles including action games GUNZ™, Soldier Front, Gunbound Revolution™ and popular puzzle, card, board games including Royal Chess™, Switcheroo and GoStop™. All of these title and more are available and FREE to play on ijji.com.
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