Nutritious and Relaxing, Frootz Now Available
Company: NinjaBee
November 10th 2005 - NinjaLab Studios,, announced that Frootz is now available from their website. Enjoy over 100 puzzling levels of fruit matching relaxation. Sort out the fruits and match them to clear the board before the cunning spiders ruin your plan. A free Frootz demo is available from the NinjaLab Studios website!

With three game modes to play across 100 challenging levels, Frootz is hours of entertaining relaxation. Enjoy the smooth music as you play through Action, Time Trial, and Relaxed mode. In action mode it is a race against the clock for every move you make, while in time trial you are racing against the clock to finish the board. In Relaxed mode it is just you and the spiders are you vie for control of the board.

Control the dynamic board and beware the spiders, they will come down and ruin the fruit if they aren't matched away in time. Spiders willdrop armored tiles that will not only undo your work but also make it harder to clear! Clear the board and progress to the next level. Frootz sharpens the senses as well as relaxes the mind and it is available from the NinjaLab website.

Download the free demo from NinjaLab Studios at and find out what a healthy diet of fun games can bring.

About NinjaLab Studios
Focusing on casual games, Ninja Lab Studio is a fledgling independent studio that is making great strides to provide professional quality products to their new found fans. For more information visit our website at
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