NinjaBee Working on New XLA Game with Playable Avatars
Company: NinjaBee
OREM, Utah – Jan 5, 2010 – Independent video games developer NinjaBee is kicking off the New Year with a new game for Xbox LIVE® Arcade. Each Tuesday in January the developer will show off new art from the project on its blog, leading up to a more detailed, official announcement at the end of the month.

“2010’s gonna be a big year for us,” said NinjaBee’s Art Director Brent Fox. “We’re putting our biggest effort to date into making this game standout. The game is going to give people what we hope will be the most complete and best avatar experience on Xbox LIVE Arcade.”

The new game is NinjaBee’s third XLA title to allow gamers to play as their avatar. NinjaBee’s other avatar-based games on XLA include A Kingdom for Keflings and Band of Bugs. Several developers at NinjaBee also worked on the free Xbox LIVE Dashboard mini-games featuring avatars: Dunk Tank, Football Toss, Snowball Fight and Fireworks.

The new avatar-based game is the second game NinjaBee has announced it is bringing to XLA in 2010. The other, Ancients of Ooga, was announced last fall.

About NinjaBee
NinjaBee, located in Orem, Utah, began developing games in 2004. With every game they make, NinjaBee’s goal is to create a unique, top-quality, fun experience for people of all ages. Their popular titles include Outpost Kaloki X, Cloning Clyde, Band of Bugs, Boingz, Doritos Dash of Destruction and A Kingdom for Keflings.

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