PokéMon Colosseum Pak in November
Company: Nintendo
The Perfect Christmas Present - The Fantastic Value Pokémon Colosseum bundle

18 October 2004 - Nintendo has today unveiled an exclusive Pokémon Colosseum Pak for everyone to get their hands on - just in time for Christmas. Included in the Pak is a copy of Pokémon Colosseum, a sleek black Nintendo GameCube and a Memory Card 59 - all at the fantastic estimated retail price of around £89! This great offer is available across the UK from 12 November 2004.

Pokémon Colosseum is the first ever 3D Pokémon game for Nintendo GameCube that offers players two paths: a role playing storyline mode and battle mode. A new lead character and his partner in story mode help players to rescue Pokémon that have been captured by an evil entity that is misusing the Pokémon for its own benefit. In battle mode, Pokémon fans can battle against up to four friends in two-player versus two-player combat. In multiplayer battles, one player uses the Nintendo GameCube controller and additional players are linked to the game via their Game Boy Advance and either Pokémon Ruby, Pokémon Sapphire, Pokémon FireRed or Pokémon LeafGreen game.

Pokemon Colosseum launched to rave reviews on May 14 this year with NGC (February 2004) stating this game: "offers a colossal amount of fun...you'll be hard pushed to find a more complex, absorbing and engaging title" along with being reviewed as "thoroughly recommendable" by GamesMaster (May 2004) and 'an absolute must have' by Disney Big Time (21st May 2004).

Pokémon Colosseum Pak launches across the UK on 12th November 2004 and is available at the estimated retail price of around £89.

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