Fantastic Value Resident Evil 4 Bundle Available from 18th March 2005
Company: Nintendo
2 February 2005 - Nintendo has today unveiled an exclusive Resident Evil 4 bundle pack which will launch alongside the game on March 18th 2005. Included in the bundle is a limited edition Platinum and Black Resident Evil 4 branded Nintendo GameCube, a platinum and black controller featuring the Resident Evil 4 logo, a copy of the game and a special bonus disc featuring making of footage of Resident Evil 4, plus game movies of Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis; Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil 4 and a playable demo of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes – all at the fantastic estimated retail price of around £89! This great offer will be available across Europe from 18th March 2005.

Resident Evil 4 takes survival horror games further than ever before by not only revolutionising the series, but by re-inventing the entire action game genre. Taking place years after the T-virus outbreak, the storyline and gameplay structure have dramatically changed to allow more emphasis on action. Gone are the signature fixed camera positions that gamers will be familiar with. Now the camera follows closely behind the player, allowing for more intuitive movement and shooting, which is enhanced with the newly added aim and shoot mechanic. The menacing enemies we are all familiar with have been replaced with a new darker breed of evil. Enhanced enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence) means that the enemies are faster, smarter and more dangerous than ever before! Resident Evil 4 will have even the hardiest of gamers on the edge of their seats.

Resident Evil 4 is already getting rave reviews in the UK:

CUBE (Issue 41): "(The game) is incredible. We went in thinking we knew everything and came out a quivering wreck. Everyone needs to pay attention to this game."
Nintendo Official Magazine (March 2005) gave the game a "XXX" rating.
NGC (Dec 04): "Resident Evil 4 is an absolutely blinding game. No. Blinding doesn't do it justice- it's a phenomenal game."

Resident Evil 4 launches across Europe on 18th March at the estimated retail price of around £40. The Resident Evil 4 bundle launches across Europe on 18th March 2005 and is available at the estimated retail price of around £89.

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