Advance Wars Conquers the Nintendo Ds
Company: Nintendo
11th July - The long-running and award-winning series Advance Wars, has struck the Nintendo DS, leaving no prisoners in its wake. The arrival of Advance Wars: Dual Strike on 30th September brings turn based strategy gameplay onto two screens - with the touch function acting as a perfect tool for the game.

Players familiar with the Advance Wars series might remember the Black Hole Army, well they're back and this time they have filled their ranks with new Commanding Officers (CO's). Their mission is to attack the nations of Wars World and it's up to the Allied Armies of Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet and Green Earth to put an end to the Black Hole Army once and for all.

The game benefits from the Nintendo DS's unique functions in a great way allowing dual screen battles raging in two locations at the same time, and the touch screen control empowering you to precisely control your troops.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike offers five different single player game modes. The main single player campaign mode features many exciting missions, where players defend Wars World against the invasion and occupation of the Black Hole army. The wireless function also enables up to eight players to play head to head at any one time, allowing you to battle it out with your friends and decide who the greatest general is.

Two brand-new modes feature exclusively in this game; the survival mode - where players try to win as many battles as they can with limited resources, and a combat mode - where players control their units' movement in a real time battle.

With all the new modes and Nintendo DS functions, Advance Wars: Dual Strike is set to be a big hit when it launches on the Nintendo DS in Europe on 30th September 2005, at the estimated retail price is around £30.
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